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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Sunday, August 2, 2009

YA Challenge # 12 - Revelations

Ok. Um. I can only ask "WHY?!?!??!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!"

Why did Melissa De La Cruz feel it was necessary to end the book on the cliff - I mean were about to fall off and where just leaning over the edge! Just when we are about to understand things she ends it right there. She's cutting off the story and saying "HA HA! WAIT TILL THE BOOK COMES OUT!!"

I'm sorry - but the last like 5 chapters *all short* of the book were super intense and then she just stops. Even worse - she gives the "two weeks later" bit and then stops. UGH! Ok. I feel a little bit better. But now I have to run to my library and grab the Van Alen Legacy off the shelf an finish the story once and for all!

Right, I had to think for a second. Ok - so in the last book the everyone were in Vince for the trial of MiMi's life. Schuyler had just saved MiMi with the blood trial (only she and her mother Gabriel could preform) clearing MiMi of summoning the Silver Blood. Upon their arrival back to the city nothing has changed. They still go to school as they did, and Schuyler now lives in a huge mansion with only her wait staff. One day when she opens the door she is welcomed at the sight of her grandfather Lawrence who promptly begins training her in the ways of the Vampire. This part made me think of HP - I mean come on - reading people's minds, moving objects, moving quickly, changing shape - you get the point. But sadly for Schuyler, Charles Fore (who we learn is technically her uncle) has adopted her because according the the "red bloods" ( or muggles ;) ) Lawrence died back in the 1800's and isn't alive.

Schuyler has one problem. Since she is a half blood her Blue Blood is having a problem with the regular ol' red blood. The problem is that the red blood cells are fighting the DNA change over - resulting in Schuyler getting very weak and needing a blood infusion. Lawrence tells her that she must find a familiar or else she will go into a coma like her mother. But who can Schuyler chose? I for one would feel so uncomfortable going up to a stranger and saying
"Hi you don't know me and I don't
know you but you see I'm a vampire
and I need to suck your blood
to live - so how about
forking it over?"

Yeah, I'd feel too weird. Well Schuyler and Oliver both decide that Olli will take the plunge and not only be her Conduit but her Familiar as well. The CODE forbids this - it's just too risky. Meanwhile MiMi is starting to obsess about Jack and her bonding. She only wants the BEST and will stop at nothing to get it. When MiMi's doubts about Jack and Schuyler turn to be true she decides to have an early bonding (they usually happen around 21.)

Bliss is having an even harder time with her sight. The blackouts have stopped but now she is seeing destruction and chaos and just horrible sights. She now also starts to see a man in a white suite talk to her saying "We are one daughter". Every time Bliss mentions it she is told that part of the process - but it's not. The Silver Bloods are getting stronger, Dylan isn't really dead (but he's changed.....), Schuyler must end her ties with Jack (can she?)

As you can see I've left y'all a pretty nice cliff hanger of my own :) I can't really say much because it will give it away. But Briana was right - the ending of the book did make me want to scream! Just when everything is starting to fall into place and you keep getting those "Oh, now I get it" or "AH HA!" moments the book stops :( BUT I can not wait for the last and final book.

Books in this series:

3) Revelations
4) The Van Alen Legacy

Revelations by Melissa De La Cruz. New York. (c) 2008


Taschima Cullen said...

U can't go running to the library and get it since, sadly, it ain't out yet T-T


And the next is the last!?!?!

PS; first chapter of the next book on my blog!

margo said...


I felt that this was going to happen! NOO!!! SWEET!:)

Anonymous said...

These books sound really good. Must remember to find them next time I'm stuck for something to read. I'll wait until the 4th book is out as that cliffhanger sounds pretty bad!

Nice review :)

margo said...

It is!!! But I think you'l like them. I'm just still annoyed that MiMi hasn't grown at all - she's still a snobby jerk! A character like that can only go so far before you don't want to read about it anymore