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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remember When

I love J.D. Robb's work. I love absolutely LOVE Roarke!! I mean come on! Who couldn't??? I find though that even though JD Robb is an alias for Nora Roberts, I'm not so much a fan of her work. Go figure!

This book has 2 parts to it. So I will now break up my summery!! :)


A frantic and scared man enters Lanie Tavish's shop. It's been raining out and it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. Lanie has other customers and doesn't really have time to talk in detail with him. He seems to sense this and pushes a card into her hands, pleading with him to give her a call. She agrees and goes back to talk with the other customers. When they hear a screech and see the man that was just in the store - hit the shop window they can't believe what just happened! Lanie quickly runs to the man to help him - and when she goes to help him she realizes that the man in the street is her Uncle William! But what is he doing here?!

When a hot studdmuffin of a PI walks into Lanie's shop a couple of days later, she doesn't suspect him of well, being a PI. They flirt and hit it off - and he asks her to go on a date. They go out on a date and while she's out someone burglarizes her house. They tear into everything: beds, pillows, couches, etc. They aren't neat about it either. When Lanie calls the cops she doesn't know why she is not a target; her old life is long forgotten. But what was it that Uncle William had said, "He knows where you are" - who knows?

Soon Max and Lanie uncover the mystery. Her father Jack O'Hara had finally scored the big deal. He, along with 3 other people, stole 78.8 million dollars worth of diamonds! *Can I just add that I am officially drooling thinking about that kinda sparkle??* The treasure was divided into 4 and each man went his own way. Except that theives are like supper greedy. Alex Crew can't get enough and he believes he is entitled to it all. He kills Myeres and goes after O'Hara and Uncle William. Jack never thought that Crew would follow Willy to his daughter Lanie.

Crew abducts Lanie and takes her to a cabin out in the boondocks. Max comes to save the day and both Lanie and Max uncover half of the missing diamonds. Alex Crew's portion as well as a little bit of Jack O'Hara's is still missing. Where could the be?. . . . .

Part 2

Fast forward 56 years later. The granddaughter of Max and Lanie have just published a book on the story of the diamond theft. While Samantha is away promoting her book someone breaks into her house and kills her best friend. Why?

Eve (of course!) grabs the case and begins to do the normal procedure of checking out everyone's background. She notices that Samantha has a maid service come by twice a week to clean her house - but the maid never came by. Following that lead Eve learns that the maid was killed - and that the killer used the maid to get the pass codes into the building. The puzzle is starting to fit together. But who is the killer, and why is he going after Sam's friends/associates?

They have to find the killer before he/she kills Sam. Eve and team believe that the killer thinks that Sam has the missing diamonds. The heist happened over 50 years ago, which means that Eve has to locate people of the past - people that never wanted to be found. She knows that Alex Crew had a son and wife. Did he pass the diamonds onto them? Did the ex-wife sell them? Is it possible that the son of Alex Crew is now killing people?

Like I said - I love JD Robbs work and not so much Nora Robert. I know, I know they are written by the same person. But I find that Nora Robert's style is at time a little to "eye rolling" "smuthering" with the lovey-dovey stuff. Unrealistic - yeah at times. I find that JD ROBB is hard hitting, sci-fi, cool as ice, in-your-face writing style. I like. PLUS can we say "ROARKE"?? I think I like him more than Ranger - but like he's totally devoted to Eve *fumes*

I liked how in the first part you were there when the heist happened and you saw how everything connected - and it echoed in part 2. In part 2 you got to see the after effects - and how the families involved grew. It was like a before and after - and I enjoyed finding out what happened to the diamonds.

Don't worry guys I'll tell you what happened - I'm wearing them! The shines a little too much right now but that's ok ;)

Ok. I lied :(

Remember When by JD ROBB and NORA ROBERTS. New York (c) 2003


Cat said...

I actually have this in hard cover - I got it for like, $2 a while ago somewhere. I think I had forgotten that it was also a JD Robb thing, I saw it the other day and thought "Why do I have this?" Ha! Now I think I might have to get it out of the box it's living in and read it. Thanks for this review, you reminded me why I bought it!

margo said...

I'm glad to be of service :)

I hope you like it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

margo said...

Have you read any of JD ROBB's books? THEY"RE AMAZING!!