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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another one....

Ok, so I'm definitely in a challenging mood right now....I've taken to one more challenge......

The rules for this challenge are here:

Read 12 books you deem "dangerous." between January 1st and December 31st 2009. They may be banned or challenged books, new-to-you genres, books that seem to inhabit a permanent space on your stacks, or authors you're afraid of. The possibilities are endless! If it's dangerous to you, it's challenge-worthy to us!
*picture was taken from the site*

I found this challenge by finding it on this book blogger :

A challange for me!

So while surfing among my fellow book bloggers (all who have sites I dream mine will some day become) I realized much to my disappointment that I'm not trying enough and could be trying harder. So, I have entered this competition. I think it will be fun! It will also force me to chose books I might not have otherwise read. The rules are as follows:

  1. Read 10 award winners from August 1, 2008 through June 1, 2009.

  2. You must have at least FIVE different awards in your ten titles.

  3. Overlaps with other challenges are permitted.

  4. You don't have to post your choices right away, and your list can change at any time.

  5. 'Award winners' is loosely defined; make the challenge fit your needs, keeping in mind Rule #2.

To sign up for the challenge the link is here :

I have until June to read 10 books!!! So, engines go!! And it helps that I work at a coffee shop! I'll need it for the months ahead!

I found the challenge on this book blogger's site

Monday, December 29, 2008

Update, so you don't think I lied about my promise...

So I am currently reading this book. The first impression it made on me is it has a feel to a Laurel K. Hamilton book. Like the main character Casey, is a young version of Anita Blake. It is good so far but I'll have to continue reading to see if it pans out to be a good book. Hope you stop by to see my final review!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Magic or Madness? good question.

Wow, I must say one of the very best books I have read to date! Of course for your followers *only 1 and counting :P* it would appear that my list of books read to date is lacking. HOWEVER I did finish the Twilight series, but never blogged about them :( too lazy.

I can't get over how incredibly good this book is! It kept me pondering everything! The author had view points from 3 people! And she kept them straight! If I were the author I know I would have had such a horrid time keeping everything straight. I thought this was going to be a book that in the beginning your like "oh, so its gonna be one of those stories". The one's whose plot is so obvious that it ruins the entire story. BUT IT WASN'T! Just when I thought I had this book figured out it throws a curve ball and continues to wind the story further and further into the twisting plot.

The story begins with a girl of 15, in a car on the way home. What could be so bad, right? But as the scene begins to unfurl you begin to learn that Reason hates the person she is forced to sit near...her grandmother. But who hates their grandmother?....but if your grandmother is a "wicked witch"? Her mother is now in a loony bin and can no longer provide for Reason. Just as Reason is about to runaway she goes through a door that forces her eyes to awaken the world her mother tired to shield her from : magic. She becomes friends with another stow-away Jay-Tee. The two run around New York together, just living the life until they run into the nemesis (and what a curve ball thrown there!!) . The two must escape from him if they wish to keep their lives! Do they? Obviously! ( books 2 and 3 ;)

It is a really REALLY good book and I liked if from the first word on the first page. The way the author wound the world of magic into the real world made it believable. Kinda like Harry Potter but not so "hocus pocus like"

The Book Trilogy is as follows:

1) Magic of Madness
2) Magic Lessons
3) Magic's Child

Also reviewed in: Books and Other Thoughts, A Reader's New Year and, the Holly and the Ivy: Magic or Madness

(I'm trying to find a way to link to these blogs so bare with me)

Magic or Madness by Justin Larbalestier.
Firebird/Razorbill 2005

Thursday, December 18, 2008

my promise...

so, haven't written in awhile. BUT my new promise (which i hope i keep) is to try TRY and read a book and post it at least once a week. i haven't found a library which i like yet up in NH but i will!!! MY fans of 1, thank you for your patience with my lame site :) much improvement is upon its way

Friday, July 25, 2008

Something Great!

This book was picked up by me on a whim. I thought it would be a boring book, like the Shopaholic books. But it put me to shame..yes I did judge a book by its cover and for that I am sorry!

This book was funny, witty, sad, and downright a page turner!

Rachel has a best friend named Darcy. They have been together since the third grade and have grown up connected at the hip! Darcy was always the one with all the luck growing up....flawless looks, always a trend setter, and always got the guys. While Rach was more of a wall flower comparatively. While in law school Rach meets Dex, but thinks that he will never EVER like her so introduced him to Darcy. 7 yrs later is where the story picks up!

On Rach 30's birthday night her and Dex had sex. And did I mention that Dex is Darcy's fiance? Oh yes...this is a very good book! So as to not give the ending away I will tell you this.......Dex has loved Rach ever since they meet and She too as love Dex. But what about Darcy? Rach has been her best friend for YEARS! and Dex and Darcy have been an item for 7 years. So what do Dex and Rach do now that they know they can't live without eachother?

Books also in this series...

1) Something Borrowed
2) Something Blue
3) Baby Proof
4) Love the One Your With

Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. St Martin's Griffin. NY. (c) 2004

A dark night....

I haven't read the first book since it came out which was "Twilight". So I must admit remembering the plot for the first book was at first very hard. I remember Eward *how can you not?!* but I did not remember Bella, or the others until i read on. For this book to be entitled "NEW MOON" makes you think 'Why'? Much of the first 300 pages are all in the dark, with a melancholy feeling that takes hold of you. As it should since the character has just been heart broken. In my opinion the book doesn't begin to get thrilling until page 413. Mind you the book is 563 pages long. But I guess she need 412 pages to set up the climax. Who knows. I can't wait to buy the third book in this series, Eclipse. However when Twilight comes out in the movies I will not be one to see it. I hate absolutely HATE when books are made into movies, they ruin them completely. Best example, Harry Potter.

Books in her series...

1) Twilight
2) New Moon
3) Eclipse

coming out Aug. 2, 2008

4) Breaking Dawn

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Little Brown and Company, NY (c) 2006

Insiders guide to a NY Nanny!

This book was good, not Very of REALLY, but good.

The ending of the book was a tear jerker. I can't believe it ended like that, and if this book is based on real life...OMG! There were a few comical scenes in the book but sometimes I found the main character Nan, almost "yawnish". Nan is subjected to a tyrant rich house mother and made to take care of not only the child now in her watch, but complete tasks for the mother.

Of course these tasks do not make sense, since the mother will not explain further beyond "buy me those pretty roses in that store that I liked and its for everyone to night at the party".

poor nanny!

I guess the only good thing I found in this book was the love b/w her and H.H. {Harvard Hottie} and the love she had for the child she was taking care of. Grover, only being 4 (if I recall correctly) had to endure never seeing his workaholic father, and his cold mother and the slew of nannies that walked in his front door. Even though Gs parents were horrible to him he still loved them.

The sad thing is, Nan has to witness the adultery of Mr. X and can't even tell Mrs. X while protecting Grover from the crumbling marriage. So as far as drama books go it wasn't that bad.

The Nanny Diaries. Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.
St Martin's Griffin, NY (c) 2002

Dusting of my computer??

Hello my followers.... right, I mean Mr T ;)

So I have not written in 308409 days and for that I am sorry. On the good side I have actually gotten some serious reading done! And as dorky as this is to publish (and publicly no doubt) I would create a draft of what I would post about that book! The books I have read are....

1) Nanny Diaries
2) New Moon
3) Something Borrowed

And will now go on to post about them.........

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the land of trees and bees

So I have left my love the city, and am now in the a place so tiny that one needs a magnifying glass to see it. All around I look, and all I see are trees. Trees so tall that they almost touch the sky. I went out into the woods today, and I saw giant trees and bugs of all shapes and colors. NOT to mention the big boulders that were also present. It is a very different place from the concrete jungle that was once my home. This place does happen to have a "public library" but I do not know if I will be able to get any new books. I'll have to keep in contact with my secret source who knows all the hot picks. The new Janet E. Stephanie Plum book has come out and I can't wait to get my hands on it. So now here I sit next to my main squeeze listening to him on the guitar and wishing that I were back in my concrete jungle with a Starbucks in my hand, instead of the real deal and no Starbucks.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Favorite Book :)

Mean MARGARET. I must admit this book was written totally about me. I talked to the arthour and told her how i was cast into the woods by my jealous siblings (I am the youngest of 9) and then taken in by a pair of woodchucks only to tourment them! HELLO I AM THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!! Well eventually I did find my way home, and did learn that beaing mean is not so cool....or did I? Yer haf ter read the book ter find out!

Mean Margaret by Tor Seidler. Michael di Capua Books. HarperCollins Publisers (c) 1997

Iron Kissed

So I've just finished two books in 4 days. Now to you avid and totally kick ass bloggers *like Darla D* this is nothing. But for me, who's mind thinks faster than I can type this is quite an accomplishment. Ok, now one of the books was written after me [not really] and ok, is a child's book. But hey, should that really matter? I mean it is longer than 20 pages! Ok, so the first book was Patricia Briggs "IRON KISSED". Its the third book in her series featuring Mercy Thompson.

Books in this Series:

1) Moon Called
2) Blood Bound
3) Iron Kissed
4) Bone Crossed

I loved this book. Within the first two pages you are thrown into a heart racing mystery. Her friend Zee once aided her in her 'war' against the Vampires and now he is asking her to return the favor and see if she can "smell" out the killer on the Fae Reservation. However her nose gets her into more trouble, and along the way she has to fight off a rouge fae and the US Government to not only save her good friend Zee but her boyfriend Adam's pack.
I could not put this book down, which is a FAR cry from those shopaholic series {SNORE!} If you are reading this review then you ab-so-lute-ly have to read this series!!!!

Iron Kissed. By Patricia Briggs. Ace Books Berkley Publishing Group (2008)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finished with a boring book, but one to a thrilling book....

So I have offically finished the book. Now to say that I loved this book and could not put it down would be a huge lie. The book was ok. Imagine me saying this with a shoulder shrug. It didn't really captivate me. That is not to say I dislike the author. I like some of her work, and after talking to Darla D, I came to the conclusion that I don't like this series. I think this character is horrible. I find her to be more dim than an old light buld, constantly failing to learn her lessons.

One such example would be in the finale of the first book she pays off her debts, but in the begining of the second book [pictured left] she's in debt again and can't understand why the bill collectors are after her. Could it be possible to have this series then without her needing to be so mindlessly stupid? I will finish this series out, I believe I have three more books and then never EVER re-read these. I love re-reading books but this series will not be one of them.

But on the good side I get to read IRON KISSED. I am so excited and can't wait. It will be a refreshing piece of work to read for a change. A main character who is smart, strong willed, and doesn't buy mindless stuff.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a little Update....

So I've moved onto the 2nd Shopaholic book as well as reading the 3rd book in Ms. Briggs series. I find that with the shopaholic books thus far its a love hate relationship. At times this book bores me to tears, yet there is something there in the story to keep me turnin the pages. And its not the main character. She's as useless and a dead leaf. Perhaps, its her simplicity...that sometimes she just doesn't get the world around her. That she's too caught up in her own world (aren't we all though sometimes) that she can't see the truth before her. I can relate to her in the sense that she gives wonderful advice to those in need that fits and will solve the problem well, but when she is in that problem herself she does not heed her adivce. The second book has yet to fail in its whimsical story. I only hope the rest of the book get better ie pick up the pace, a little more interesting....etc

AS for the 3rd Briggs book IM LOVING IT. I have yet to be disappointed. Although I'm only in the first 10 pages I'm already captivated. Unlike Shopaholic were its a yawn and then an "OH! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!" and then another YAWN. Stay tuned for more updates on the BRIGG series......

Well I'm off to go make lattes! happy reading!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hello All! This is my very first post, so erm... i'm a little nervous. Not really. So I have been currently reading "Confestions of a shopaholic". very funny book, yet i tire of the main character some times. well i'm off to read, and make some lattes!! happy reading.