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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Dirty Job

I had wanted to read Christopher Moore for a very long time, I just never had the time (I am finally done with this semester!!) I also, bought the Nook and wanted to add books to is - so why not do this one? I liked the cover and thought it would be amusing to read. Well, I was not that big of a fan when it came to his writing style (I am currently reading The Stupidest Angel and finding it hilarious!) OMFG! I just looked online and they're making a movie out of it? Hollywood - WHY CAN'T YOU BE ORIGINAL AND LEAVE THE BOOKS ALONE! (Ok, sorry about that!)

Charlie Asher is your average Beta male, not too hot and not too cold. He has the love of his life Rachel who is a beautiful, smart woman. A woman, many would say, was out of Charlie's league. They are about to expect their first child, and both could not be more happy. Well, Charlie is starting to get a bit unhinged. He is starting to see glowing red objects where ever he goes. He doesn't know what to make of them, nor if he is the only one who can see them. When he tried to warn someone that their umbrella was glowing red, the man was instantly killed by a bus! And when Charlie tried to explain to people what had just happened - it was like he was invisible!

When their child is born, both parents are excited (as every parent is). Suddenly, Charlie notices a dark figure in the room with him while Rachel sleeps. What is this man doing in his room? Charlie races to get the nurse but when he returns the man is gone, and Rachel will not awaken. She is dead. Charlie becomes heart-stricken and it is only with his sister's help that he begins to live again.

His life however, takes a turn for the weird. People start to die around Charlie, and that is after their names appear in a note pad by his bedside. Furthermore, he hears voices. These voices do not reside in his head, but in the sewers below the road. They call to him, and they call him "Fresh Meat". What's even stranger is a big, black, raven follows him. What does this mean? Why are they following Charlie? Is he the new Death?

Although I found his writing style to be a bit off (for me) I did enjoy this book. At one point I was in my bedroom with my dog sleeping beside me, when he got to to edge of the bed and started to do a deep growl - the kind that warns intruders to leave. It scared me because I was at the point in the book, where the Sewer voices could only be seen by dogs! Silly I know, but I could not help by be a bit scared. I enjoyed the relationship between Minty Fresh and Charlie. It was a wonderfully funny book and I cannot wait to read many more of his books.

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. (c) 2006

Mocking Jay

Katniss has survived the arena once again, but what about Peeta? Is he alive? What is President Snow doing to him? All these thoughts keep floating around her head. She is alive though, and must repeat that. She is in the elusive District 13, alive. Is it a fate worse than death?

Katniss must adjust to thin new life style. District 13 is completely underground and they support themselves. For a long time, District 13 was a legend, and now it is true and Katniss has been chosen to represent them as the Mocking Jay. Can she?

She ignores the rules and lives as she chooses. Until one day, she understands her role, and if she is personally going to kill the President than she has to allow the leader of District 13 see that she is healthy enough to go into war. But that will be a challenge in itself, for once again Katniss is playing the role of a puppet - a role she swore she would never agree to.

I will not lie, I was very disappointed with the ending of this book; it seemed rushed. After all she had been through, that was the ending? Disappointing. With that being said, I found the events to be surprising and then expected. I wish she would have done a fourth book. This book felt too much like the 7th Harry Potter book in the way it ended for me.