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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bitten to Death

As with all Jaz Parks adventures - they are full of adventure and the constant struggle of keeping one's head on straight.

Jaz and Vayl have been assigned to a wonderful ancient city in Greece (lucky ducks!) The two must head to the local Vampire Trust and stop Samos (the Vampire version of Brain from Pinky and the Brain) from taking the Trust over. This will not be easy because Vayl left the Trust some 100 years ago - and well there are still some sore feelings in regards to Vayl. When they arrive they expect to be greeted by the Deyrar (president) Hamon instead are greeted by a new Deyrar. They quickly find out that the Deyrar they had originally negotiated with found an untimely death.

The new Deyrar is problematic to say the least. Disa was turned by Vayl and is a power hungry . . .witch to say the least. When Disa became Deyrar not everyone was happy - and now the once beautiful lands of the Trust have begun to decay ever since she took the seat. One problem at a time though because Vayl and Jaz didn't come to solve the Trust's problems.

Vay and Jaz have to stop Samos from taking over the Trust (priority #1). If the Trust falls then Samos is closer to taking over the world. Then they have to stop Disa from whatever scheme she is planning (priority #2). Disa is power hungry and is stopping at nothing to get what she wants. Then they have to save Vayl from the unknown trap they walked into. Quite a busy day for Jaz and her team.

Like all her books, it's action packed until the very last page. I find I have such a hard time writing reviews of this book series for that very reason. I always feel like I do these books injustice but please THEY ARE FABULOUS BOOKS! THEY ARE NOT FOR ONE SECOND LAME!!

Ms Darla has some excellent reviews on this series :) So if my review falls flat please jump over to hers! (I only linked to her main blog so you'd have to find the reviews)

This book was recommended to me by Darla D!

Books in this series:

4) Bitten To Death
5) One More Bite

Bitten to Death by Jennifer Rardin. New York (c) 2008


Darla D said...

I'm so glad to hear you continue to enjoy the series. I need to get to the next one so I can send it to you. I am hoping that one of these days you'll be back in VA and can pick it up in person. :-)

margaret said...

There are days when I wish that too!!! I miss Va and my old home in the library ;) The ppl up here need to improve their libraries!

I love how Jaz is such a wonderful heroine - she may have her issues but at least she's real.