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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ya Challenge #10- Blue Blood

There is a secret society in New York known as the Blue Bloods. They belong to a special committee known as the 400. You see only 400 Vampires can live at a time. They are the decedents of the angels that were thrown out of heaven - and are trying to repent so they can once again be loved by God. Light does not hurt them, silver does not burn them - and they can Not die. They have 3 cycles that they go through which is: Expression, Evolution, and Expulsion. They can eat food at first but when their bodies get to a certain age - the need Human blood to live.

Schuyler is the main character. It begins with her and her best friend Oliver getting into the hot club The Bank. Mimi and Jack Force (the hot twins that go to the same school as Schuyler) are going to the nightclub next to them called Block 122. Their friend Aggie has been murdered – but the papers say it was a drug overdose. Jack hangs in different crowds and does not talk to Schuyler – but on that night of Aggie's murder he talks to her. In fact in class the day after Aggie died – Jack wrote on her paper that Aggie was murdered. But who would murder a 15 year old school girl? Weeks pass and Jack ignores Schuyler until the night of the dance. He dances with her and while they dance they are transported back in time – to the 1800s. After 5 mins. they return to the present and Jack kiss Schuyler. Only to ignore her again.

Meanwhile Bliss has started to date Dylan (Schuyler and Ollie's friend) and has also begun to defy MiMi. Schuyler’s best friend Ollie is now mad at her for dancing with Jack instead of accompanying him to get drinks. A couple of weeks later Schuyler and Bliss have been chosen to be the faces of a new jean company - making Bliss and Schuyler become better friends. On the way home, after the shoot, a demonic monster attacks Schuyler. The next time she sees Jack she tells him of the attack. He tells them some monster is hunting the Blue Bloods and they have to find a way to prevent it. Her friend Oliver isn’t all that he appears to be as well. When they meet up again he takes her down to the bottom of The Bank and tells her he’s a conduit – humans assigned to Vampires - and he has been assigned to her since birth.

Life for Schuyler is getting more complicated. The past is starting to unravel and the hidden secrets are coming to light. Her grandmother tells her of the Silver Bloods - or demons- that hunt the Blue Bloods. When she learns that Dylan is turning into a Sliver Blood it is a race to save him - as well as the other Blue Bloods. She now has to fly to Venice to find her grandfather in hopes of saving everyone, for he is the only one that knows how to defeat them. But he hasn't been seen in centuries.

This book was very interesting. I found that it became hard to understand because it started with 3 POVs and then went to 2. It started with Schuyler then it went to MiMi, then it went to Bliss, changing back to Schuyler. . . you get the point. It was too much, and when I finally got a handle on it - it changes to only Schuyler and Bliss.

Another thing that irritated was the fact that she had 15 year olds smoking like chimneys and drinking alcohol like fish! If this is a YA book then why are they semi-glorifying it? That's just my opinion. I will say though towards the end of the book, the character that was drinking the most (MiMi) didn't hold such a prime spot light in the book. This book does have my curiosity - and you know what they killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back :)

The books in the series are:

1) Blue Bloods

2) Masquerade

3) Revelations

4) The Van Alen Legacy

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz. New York (c) 2006


Taschima Cullen said...

I thought it went with the New York look, all the partying and the drinking, we can not be adjusted to that, but NY is NY.

I enjoyed this book, but the others after this one are rather much better!

margo said...

I just got book 2 & 3 today! I can't wait to read them :)
And I agree that NY is NY. I just thought they were a bit young. (Maybe I'm just jealous ;)

Darla D said...

I started this one last month but never really felt compelled to go back and finish it. Not that I hated it, it just didn't hold my interest very well. Oh, well! I'll be curious to hear what you think if you continue with the series. It's very popular at my library.

margo said...

Half way through it got better - but at first I had to force myself to read it. The second one is ok....I'm having a hard time reading it. It could be too that I'm trying to make butter and not completely focusing :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds really good! I read another of Melissa de la Cruz's serious books - Angels on Sunset Boulevard and I liked that so I think this would be really good! Great review :)