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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Monday, July 27, 2009

Arr maytes It begins....

I've copied and pasted directly from her site. So let the hunt begin! Arrrr! Please visit her site for the rules - as well as to answer. Plus she also has good book reviews and other challenges :)

I will give you 5 questions - each have single-word answers, which you find by looking through the post that I've linked to, not necessarily DBR. Once you have found all five words, I will ask for a final word which is the answer to a final 6th question, and you will have to sort the anagram of the first letter of each answer to get the correct single-word answer. First two people to e-mail me with the right answer - comments will be deleted so others have a chance - get a surprise book sent to them. Ends at midnight on Tuesday 28th July (UK time). Everyone who guesses the word for the e-treasure gets a special award and link to their site, even if it's not correct. Note that not all the questions are sane or book-related.


  • You can guess more than once.
  • All comment guesses will be deleted so others have a chance - e-mail your answer to dragonflybookreviews(a)
  • Open to people worldwide.
  • You do not have to have a blog to take part - just a valid e-mail.
  • Only the first two people (worldwide) get a book.
  • No matter what time/day it is where you are, no entries will be counted after the bells strike midnight in the UK.
  • You can help/ask for help as long as no-one gives you the correct final word, as that counts as cheating.

  1. Margo is a mutinous what? click here
  2. What is the first name of the actor who got more screentime in the latest HP flick, as he's 'a good actor', which made Imogen pleased? click here
  3. What country are the owners of this site from? click here
  4. Who shouldn't be shown as nice guys in a book? click here
  5. Who Googles their name? click here
The first letters of the correct answers to those questions should be an anagram of a Chick Lit. author's surname. Solve it and e-mail your guesses to dragonflybookreviews(at)

Good luck, and have fun!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Margo :)

Just letting you know - you've been tagged! The post is posting tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. :) Just letting you know in advance 'cause I'm not on blogger tomorrow.

margo said...

Wait what? I've been tagged? What post? Omg sorry I'm so lost! *my brian is in hunting mode :)* Well have fun tomorrow!!