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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Van Alen Legacy

To date, this is THE BEST book in the Blue Bloods series. Well this is MY OPINION but I hope that those of you that have read the book agree with me. I wish that I had read it slower because when I got to the end I was sad that book #5 is not out yet :( and now I must wait.

If you are not familiar with the series I have reviewed the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd books.

When the book opens Schuyler and Oliver are on the run - in fact they've been on the run for over a year. The Coven does not believe that one of the major demons, Leviathan, has escaped from his prison. *WARNING - SPOILER - HIGHLIGHT TO VIEW* If you recall from the previous book, Lawrence killed Dylan (an innocent) releasing Leviathan. Leviathan than killed Lawrence before disappearing, leaving Schuyler next to 2 dead bodies - making it appear like she is the killer.

Schuyler and Oliver have now landed in France in hopes that they can talk to the Countess of Paris, Isabelle of Orleans. The Hotel Lambert had been sold, so the countess decided to throw one last Blue Bloods ball. Schuyler and Oliver take the guise of waiters in hopes to talk to her, because she is the only one that can protect them from the Northern American Coven.

Meanwhile, Mimi is with Kingsley and two other vampires trying to track down Jordan. Jordan (HIGHLIGHT TO READ ->) aka The Watcher was kidnapped a year ago and has not been seen since. Mimi and her team of Venators having been running all over the globe in hopes of finding her. Then Kingsley gets an idea and they go back to the scene of the crime. While walking through Rio's slums a little girl tells them that Jordan to her (the little girl) that there would be a pretty lady and that she wanted the little girl to give Mimi a note. The note says "The Sun shall Lead the Way."

Bliss is still confused and lost. Every time the Visitor comes she gets thrown into the dark and loses track of space and time. She knows he is Lucifer and that he is her father, but still she wants to stop him. She begins to fight him - making herself quite when he takes over, and what she learns scares her. She knows that even though she is helpless she must do something to stop him and his evil plan. So she writes an anonymous nots saying "...Beware of Forsyth Llwellyn [her 'father' who is Lucifer's servant]. He is not who you think he is."(p171)

While in France Schuyler runs into Jack, and instantly all the feelings she was trying to hide come back. Jack tells her that she is not safe in Paris - that she must return to New York. Schuyler does not want to return fearing the Conven, but when her mother comes to her in a dream and tells Schulyer that she must "find the remaining members of the Order, alert them of the danger, and keep the gates secure [from the demons]" (p299) and finish her grandfather's work: The Van Alen Legacy Schuyler agree to return.

The battle for the world has never been more dire. Lucifer is just a hair's breath away from once again walking upon the earth. The once prominent Blue Bloods have found themselves weak and and powerless to fight the Silver bloods - and they are dropping like flies. The fate of the Blue bloods and the world lies in the hands of 4 teens: Schuyler, Oliver, Jack, and MiMi.

To sum this book up in 3 words I would say: Action, Romance, Trial. Everyone must be put to the test: are they selfish or selfless? Should Schuyler stay with Oliver? Or follow her heart and be with Jack? Should MiMi still bond with Jack? Or Be with Kingsley? Can they put aside their personal issues, and fight as a unit to defeat the silver bloods? Romance, I'm sure I need not explain :) and adventure - wow. And I mean WOW! I kept turning the page so that I could get to the next scene and I had to make sure that my eyes wouldn't drop down in the page and get ahead :) The fight is just beginning - and the armies are starting to form.

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR #5!!! If I were Ebert and Rupert I'd give it 2 thumbs up, and if this were a movie I'd give it an emmy. Please do not let my review throw you off - it is such a AMAZING book and you will not be disappointed. I love how she winds in history and makes it fit so seamlessly into her story, and I love that as you read further into the book you get the "AH HA!" "No WAY!" moments as the secrets become revealed.

Please Melissa!! I'm dying for book 5 :)

Books in this series:

4) The Van Alen Legacy
5) TBA

The Van Alen Legacy byMelleisa De La Cruz. New York (c)2009

(This book was given to me by the Disney/Hyperion Publishers so that I could review it and share my thoughts with the rest of my peers - and they are in no way trying to "sway" my opinion on the book. I hope this is what the FTC wants?)


Amanda said...

You know, it's really strange. Your feed has been coming in really weird lately. Like the first paragraph or two is in normal black print, then the rest turns into turquoise, which in google reader is completely unreadable. How strange! I actually thought the turquoise was the spoiler part...sigh. Stupid GR...

margaret said...

are you serious? Grrr! I couldn't make the "spoiler" part black ink so the best I could do was dark purple. The turquoise color is my everyday txt.

but seriously? on my blog it shows up normal - I wonder if it's like that for everyone? oh dear.

Ann-Kat (Today, I Read...) said...

I have the first two books in this series and I have not even read a single page... *sigh*

It's just that the vampire craze began to wear thin on me, so I put the series (along with the Vampire Academy series) aside to let my vampire batteries recharge.

Reading your review, however, makes me feel as though I must pick up these books back up and at least give them the benefit of the doubt.

On another note, I sent you three emails. Could you please let me know if you received them or if they're in your spam folder? For some reason, I believe Gmail is sending my messages into purgatory (which bites the big one if it is).

margaret said...

I did not get the emails at all :( And I looked in my spam folder but didn't see them (I deleted it all today too) May you please re-email me?!

On another note, this series isn't like your regular 'vampire' series. I agree with you, I got so tired of all the vampire series I was about to rip down every single vampire book on book shelves. There are other genres out there teens of the world :) I do love this series a lot :) I love her concept about Vamps. I really hope you read them :)

Darla D said...

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this one!

I have the same issue with my reader - I think it for some reason it keeps the light blue text from your post and imports that into the reader, which makes no sense. I just click into your blog to read the rest. :-)

Anonymous said...
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jehara said...

I read this when it first came out and I devoured it. I thought it was so good! I wish we didn't have to wait so long for the next one. Great series and definitely not like the other vampire series.

margaret said...

I completely agree with you! That's what made it so refreshing: not to have your typical vampire story. We've all seen and read too many these days.