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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ya Challenge #9- Being Nikki

It seems I've done it again. Being Nikki is the 2nd book in the Airhead Novel series. That probably explains why I was so confused in the beginning. I should really start to check my facts :)

The book opens at Nikki's photo shot. She is advertising Stark brand deodorant while hanging off a cliff on the island of St John. She's been standing on the tiny ledge of the cliff now for hours and the ice cold water splashing her from the waves isn't helping her mood. Suddenly she just lets go and falls to the sea below. While under the water she begins to think that maybe just letting go of life wouldn't be so bad, after all it's so peaceful down here in the icy black water. Brandon her soon to be ex dives down to save her. When she's back in her hotel room warming up she gets a call from her best friend Lulu saying that there is a hot guy that has come to see her. Instantly Nikki (really Em) thinks its her crush Chris. She convinces Brandon to fly back to the states immediately while breaking up with him at the same time.

When Em (but in Nikki's body) arrives at her apartment she is let down. Chris wasn't there in fact it was a complete stranger. The stranger is blaming her for the disappearance of their mother. Nikki (who is really Em) tries to tell this gentleman that she 1)doesn't know who he is and 2) doesn't even know she has a mom. After showing her the proof that he is indeed her brother, Nikki decides to help. She tells Steven that she'll hire a PI to find their mom - really she can't because than an PI will discover that Nikki isn't really "Nikki" because Em's brain is in Nikki's body. (Confusing yet? Imagine how I felt with not reading the 1st book )

Em decides to visit her parents - something Stark Enterprise has been telling her not to do. Em is reminded by her mother that Em can't participate an the old family get togethers because she no longer looks like her old self - who died. Em runs out of the building crying and runs into Chris (her former life's crush). When he asks her what's wrong she tells him that her mother went missing. Chris says he can help if Nikki will get a password and ID from Stark, so that Chris can ruin the company.

Later back at her apartment her brother Steven learns that the real Nikki is dead and the some how Em is in her body. The start to uncover the truth behind Stark and realize it's not as polished as the ads the company produces. With the help of Chris - Steven and Em track down his mom. Just as they all thought the cost was clear Brandon, her ex and son of the CEO, blackmails her into helping him black mail his dad. Now Em has to pretend to despise Chris and follow Brandon.

Yeah. I probably should've read the 1st book. I was so throughly confused in the first 3000 chapters that I had to keep re-reading them which lead me to hate the book. As far as the plot goes it wasn't all that bad. However there were some parts in the book that I felt dragged on a little. It does make for an interesting and confusing read. I don't envy Em's situation. I hope the review wasn't as confusing as the book :)

Another fellow blogger reviewed the book as well. Check out her review here. (Sorry I couldn't find her name)

Books in this series:

1) Airhead (not read)
2) Being Nikki (just read)
3) Runaway ( May 2010)

Being Nikki by Meg Cabot. New York. (c) 2009


B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Good review! I'm not sure if I would like this series, but who knows!


margo said...

Thanks Bri. I thought I saw this book on your blog. That's what made me go out and read it. I think it was your blog any who :)

It might be a good series if you start from the beginning. Don't do a margo.

Darla D said...

Ooh, I hate when I read a series out of order! How long did it take you to realize it was #2?

margo said...

I didn't know D until I was researching to see if there was a 2nd book after it. Too bad that it was X)