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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Arr maytes der be an Update on that Treasure Hunt...Arrr

Quoted directly from Sara at Dragonfly Book Reviews:
NEWS: The e-treasure hunt is posting tomorrow. 5 questions - one-word answers. You have to go on certain sites to find the answer. I will ask for a word relating to a certain book and you will have to sort the anagram of the first letter of each answer. First two people to e-mail me with the right answer - comments will be deleted so others have a chance - get a surprise book sent to them. Ends at midnight on Tuesday 28th July (UK time). Everyone who guesses the word for the e-treasure gets a special award.

I only hope I win! MWhahahahahahahahah . . . I mean. . . ARRRRR. So let the best treasurer hunter Win!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the publicity Margo :)

And I replied to your e-mail. I'm not sure what time it would be in the States but the competition closes at midnight in the UK.

But the whole world can take part :)

Anonymous said...

Replying to your other comment: I do that too! I will read a book with a dull cover, but not 100% willingly! I suppose I judge books by their cover :) It's not a crime to have pretty books in your bookshelf :)

Anonymous said...

The Treasure hunt is up!!

margo said...

Haha I just went to your website and I didn't see it. Let the game begin :)