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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Biting The Bullet

Book 3 of the Jasmine Parks series - and man was I NOT disappointed :)

The team is now in the Middle East with a new target - The Wizard. Again, the team is fighting The Raptor's henchmen. This mission will be a bit different from the millions she's done before. She is paired with her brother - and they have to find a mole, and all her team is needed to find the mole.

Dave's team is tighter than a sealed jar which makes this mission hard. Their unit is strong and the fact that there is a mole is unbelievable. The CIA has given Jaz the wonderful task of finding the mole in Dave's squad after Dave's undercover were was killed in The Wizard's camp.

Dave and Jaz have some bad blood between them. Jaz was once in charge of the Helslingers (a tight group of elite killers.) Dave, his wife, Jaz's fiance, and others made up the group. They had just finished attacking a group of human servants when the Vampires attacked everyone. Both Jaz and Dave lost their friends, while lost his wife when Jaz had to kill her (she had been turned into a Vampire) and Jaz lost her fiance.

Jaz tells the crew some wrong information in hopes of flushing out the mole. But this isn't a regular mole. This mole is being controlled by another person - the mole is actually dead! Jaz has to fight a neomocracer (sp??) As if her plate wasn't full enough she has to fight demons that want her soul and her little niece's too, find the mole, and save some poor freedom fighter who's being set up. I'm so glad I'm not her :)

I'm sorry. I feel like this is not a good review. This book was ACTION PACKED!!!! but at times I felt that it wanted to scream for the scene to be over already. I don't know why. I love the books! I love how Jaz is a strong, clear headed person in her ordeals. Most people would be cowering underneath the bedcovers but not her :)

I hope she choses Vayl over Cole.

This book was recommended to me by Darla D!

Books in this series:

3) Biting The Bullet
4) Bitten To Death
5) One More Bite

Biting the Bullet by Jennifer Rardin. New York (c) 2008


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good series :)

margo said...

It is but I never do the book justice when I review them!

Darla D said...

I thought this one was a hard one to review, too - there is sooo much going on, and I love all the characters. I just finished #4 and will send it to you along with the next Kitty book as soon as I review them. I'm so far behind in reviews! The next Jaz book is really different, but good. I'll be curious to hear what you think.

margo said...

Different!? Oh NO!!!! :) I can't wait!!