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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living Dead In Dallas

Sookie and Bill the vampire have been an item for awhile now. Per their request, they will be left alone if they help our Eric every now and again. Eric is the boss for the local Vampire group. Sookie agrees to it even though she does not agree.

One her way to work one morning, she notices that Andy's car door is ajar, and trying to be a helpful citizen she decides to close the door. At first it won't close and when she tries again she sees the issue. Someone has left a dead body in the back of Andy's car. She immediately parks her car and calls the cops. The car was left in Sam's parking lot and Andy is a cop - things don't look too well.

Sookie has to figure out who killed her good friend Lafayette but before she can accomplish this task she has to help the Vampires of Dallas - it is Eric's request (more like command.)

The Vampires of Dallas want Sookie's help because one of their own has been missing for a couple of days. They want to find their missing friend quietly - if other vampires are aware that Stan cannot keep track of his own things might get messy.

Sookie agrees to help Stan on the condition that all humans (regardless of being guilty or innocent) must be let go - Stan unwillingly agrees to the terms. Sookie uncovers a deeper plot - someone has bugged the inside of Stan's headquarters and Sookie believes that the missing vampire was taken by the Fellowship of the Sun. Sookie agrees to go undercover with Hugo to try and uncover what happened in the church. Things don't go according to plan and what Sookie uncovers is shocking.

I have seen many of the adds on HBO featuring TrueBlood. I am not certain I want to watch that show - I never have enjoyed movies or shows made from books. It had been awhile since I had read one of the Sookie novels. This book was fun to read and nothing really stood out at me. Sookie's character is agreeable, and I find Bill to be interesting. I once rooted for Bill and Sookie but I might be changing my mind to Sookie and Sam. What do you guys think? Sookie and Bill or Sookie and Sam?

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