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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Friday, July 25, 2008

A dark night....

I haven't read the first book since it came out which was "Twilight". So I must admit remembering the plot for the first book was at first very hard. I remember Eward *how can you not?!* but I did not remember Bella, or the others until i read on. For this book to be entitled "NEW MOON" makes you think 'Why'? Much of the first 300 pages are all in the dark, with a melancholy feeling that takes hold of you. As it should since the character has just been heart broken. In my opinion the book doesn't begin to get thrilling until page 413. Mind you the book is 563 pages long. But I guess she need 412 pages to set up the climax. Who knows. I can't wait to buy the third book in this series, Eclipse. However when Twilight comes out in the movies I will not be one to see it. I hate absolutely HATE when books are made into movies, they ruin them completely. Best example, Harry Potter.

Books in her series...

1) Twilight
2) New Moon
3) Eclipse

coming out Aug. 2, 2008

4) Breaking Dawn

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Little Brown and Company, NY (c) 2006


Darla D said...

I really got impatient with the whining and carrying on over pages and pages, which only ended when she got the boy again. Puh-leez. I've been told to carry on with the third one, but I don't know...

Margot said...

lets do it!!! :)