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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ghostgirl: Homecoming

After the climatic 'crossing over' Charlotte feels less than noticed (after all she was the one.) When her classmates and her crossover they are suspired that they are in a dull holding room. Is this Heaven?! A door opens and all of the students are meet with one of their family or former friends from their past lives, everyone but Charlotte. She is left alone. As the former classmates leave, with their friends/family - Charlotte is the only one left behind with no one.

Mean while back in the 'living world' the relationship between Scarlet and Damen seems to be fizzling out. After all Damen now goes to college while Scarlet still goes to Hawthorne High. Scarlet's doubts are fed by her sister Petula - who only wants cold, sweet revenge. Petula decides to go get her nails done instead of finishing the school day. Petula has a hot date that night with the rival school's quarter back - Josh and doesn't want to waste precious primping time. Petula (eager to get all of her primping time in) rushes the woman at the spa, and Petula's toe gets nicked.

That night Petula joins Josh at a local party - but she's not feeling well. She begins to get very, very sick and Josh decides to take her home. On the way home Petula throws up everywhere in his car and as Josh arrives at Petula's house - deicides to dump her body on the driveway and continue on his merry way. When Scarlet arrives home she sees her sister laying face down and unconscious. So she puts their differences aside and calls 911. When they arrive at the hospital Petula is in a coma - she got a staph infection while getting the rush pedicure.

Scarlet is worried sick over her sister and she's tired of waiting - so she decides that the only person that can help is Charlotte. Charlotte however has not been in contact with Scarlet since she crossed over - so how will Scarlet find her? She doesn't have much time, and knows it's now or ever - so she crosses into the "dead world" but discovers more problems there than she thought. She now has to save her body too - while trying to find Charlotte in hopes of rescuing Petula.

Tonya Harley's view of the afterlife is refreshing - because it's not the 'typical' afterlife description. It's a nice break :) Even after you die (if your young) apparently you still have to work! I found this book more tolerable then the first book. In my opinion it helped that Charlotte wasn't as selfish and didn't whine as much. She seemed to focus on herself and how 'alone' she was - and that was a constant theme played upon. Also 1 of the antagonist in the book played upon that as well constantly reminding Charlotte how alone she was and how no one liked her. I did like that we go to see Petula grow in maturity. It was a nice glimpse into Petula - if only for awhile. I was not exactly thrilled with the 1st book, but this book has renewed my like in this series. I will say though, I can tell this book is written for the younger audience :P

Ghostgirl: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley. New York. (c) 2009


Taschima Cullen said...

Yeah... Im not a fan of this books xD I think they are ok, but for like 12 year olds.

margaret said...

Yeah - I agree :)

But it's not a bad series.