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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tales for Delicious Girls

This is my 1st ever book review for a publisher. OMG! I never thought this day would come :) Also, it is my first book read via PDF format - and I must say that although I'm used to reading words online I do prefer paper books (makes me wonder though if I'll like the kindle!)

The first thing that comes to my mind after reading this book is how warm and happy I feel after reading this book; like I'm snuggled in my favorite blanket in-front of the fire watching my favorite movie. This book is something I have needed to come across and read. It is a beacon of hope among a world of negative images for women.

Barbora gives us 25 delicious tales from her wonderful life. The tales cover relationships, friendships, jobs, life really. I am just a wee bit jealous that she's been to so many places in the world - and that she has actually found lover for herself. Finding love for myself is something I still struggle with today, but it's one of her powerful messages in her book: That it is obtainable but is worth the hard work obtaining it.

Her book helps women to see that they are important, smart, powerful beings in this world - and that men however cute, aren't that important to our happiness. She gives insight into the men's way of thinking and helps us to understand that they just plain think differently. Period. She helps us to understand that at the end of the day the only person that should love us the most is us. We should no longer belittle and berate ourselves of our "imperfections" and instead should embrace them and understand that they are what makes us unique.

One message from this book that hit home to me was that each time we want to "change" ourselves (either new hair color/cut, new clothes, new body, etc) we should first look inside ourselves and see what the real issue is. And I find it true. When I want a new dramatic hair color or hair cut there's a reason behind it. I don't know what the issues is but I know it's because I'm unhappy with myself, but I never dig deep enough to think why.

I recommend this book to every single woman out there. No topic goes untouched. She tells it to you in a delicious way that makes you think you've been friends forever and that you're just sitting down for a nice cup of coffee. When you're done reading this book (well at least for me) you feel happy and for now - you don't hate that your not a size 0 or that your hair isn't what "Hollywood" says is "in". You feel proud to be you - and that's what Barbora wants us to understand from her book.

My only tisk of the book would be that sometimes the pictures wouldn't match what I was reading (even though they were beautiful pictures) and that sometimes her word choice in a sentence/title would leave me confused. Again these are only my problems. I'm sure those of you reading would be like "Oh that word? I so know the meaning. How could she not know it??" Lol.

Also please stop by and visit her website!! Barbora Knobova's Website. Her book is Non-Fiction! (Thanks Darla! Sometimes I forget that not everyone can read my mind :P)

Go now and pick it up. PLEASE!

Tales for Delicious Girls by Barbora Knobova. 2009


Darla D said...

Nice review! This sounds very interesting. I am unclear, though, whether it's fiction or nonfiction. Are these autobiographical stories? Either way, it sounds like a very worthwhile book.

Barbora said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review my book! It's such a wonderful review and I'm glad you enjoyed reading Tales for Delicious Girls. Happy readers like you make writing worthwhile. - Barbora Knobova

Barbora said...

Hi Darla! "Tales for Delicious Girls" contains real-life stories and it's a non-fiction book. I wanted to write a book that would make women laugh but also support them, encourage them and help them see their life and relationships through different eyes. You can find more information and also excerpts on my website Many women say that they identify with the stories and with the characters, which is wonderful because "Tales for Delicious Girls" is meant to become every woman's best friend :) - Barbora Knobova

margaret said...

It's Non-fiction (oops!) AND it is a very worthwhile book :)

Barbora - Your welcome!!! I'm happy to have done it for you. AND I did identify with many of your stories. It's funny how women tend to think that they are alone sometimes in a certain niche - like they think that they are the only one who has body image issues. I've suggested this book to one of my friends. This book will help her :)