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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Magic or Madness? good question.

Wow, I must say one of the very best books I have read to date! Of course for your followers *only 1 and counting :P* it would appear that my list of books read to date is lacking. HOWEVER I did finish the Twilight series, but never blogged about them :( too lazy.

I can't get over how incredibly good this book is! It kept me pondering everything! The author had view points from 3 people! And she kept them straight! If I were the author I know I would have had such a horrid time keeping everything straight. I thought this was going to be a book that in the beginning your like "oh, so its gonna be one of those stories". The one's whose plot is so obvious that it ruins the entire story. BUT IT WASN'T! Just when I thought I had this book figured out it throws a curve ball and continues to wind the story further and further into the twisting plot.

The story begins with a girl of 15, in a car on the way home. What could be so bad, right? But as the scene begins to unfurl you begin to learn that Reason hates the person she is forced to sit near...her grandmother. But who hates their grandmother?....but if your grandmother is a "wicked witch"? Her mother is now in a loony bin and can no longer provide for Reason. Just as Reason is about to runaway she goes through a door that forces her eyes to awaken the world her mother tired to shield her from : magic. She becomes friends with another stow-away Jay-Tee. The two run around New York together, just living the life until they run into the nemesis (and what a curve ball thrown there!!) . The two must escape from him if they wish to keep their lives! Do they? Obviously! ( books 2 and 3 ;)

It is a really REALLY good book and I liked if from the first word on the first page. The way the author wound the world of magic into the real world made it believable. Kinda like Harry Potter but not so "hocus pocus like"

The Book Trilogy is as follows:

1) Magic of Madness
2) Magic Lessons
3) Magic's Child

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Magic or Madness by Justin Larbalestier.
Firebird/Razorbill 2005

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Darla D said...

Great review! I am so glad you enjoyed it, and I can't wait to hear what you think of the other books in the series. I will link to your review from mine!