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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Friday, October 9, 2009

Babymouse: Rock Star


They're chanting her name - and the crowd is going wild.

She gets on stage and ROCKS! After she's done with her performance the crowd begins to scream her name, then she slowly opens her eyes, and it's her little brother Squeak. When she gets to the school bus stop she is greeted by her friend Wilson the Weasel.

Though today was Wednesday and boring, it was also the day of BAND TRYOUTS!!! Sadly she did not chose the clarinet which is my all time favorite instrument (I am biased - since it's what I've been playing since the 5th grade :P) Babymouse chose the flute, along with everyone else in the class.

As she goes to sign up for the tryouts Felicia Furrypaws sneers that she'll need all the luck she can get. Last year Babymouse was the VERY last chair, and was stuck behind a huge elephant who was in the drum pit. However, Babymouse is far from ready. Every-time she plays her flute a loud SCRREEEEEEEECH emits from it. Penny Poodle offers to help Babymouse, but can she in time for the band tryouts?!

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Babymouse: Rock Star by Jennifer and Matt Holm. New York (c) 2006

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