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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey guys.

Ok So I've changed my blog name, as I'm sure you've all noticed.

I did change my blog URL but it wasn't working out, so it's still the same until I find a way to change it and notify everyone. *sigh* such a head ache

SO for now I will have a new blog title and same url :)

Hope that makes sense.


Meggin said...

Ah, you confused me :)

I haven't visited you or sny other blog in forEVER! I love the new name, plus the blue duck pic. (I feel the urge to name it. Give me a bit and I will ;))

P.S. Ooh, congrats on the readathon! So sorry I wasn't amongst the cheerleaders :( Blame algebra, the bane of my existence.

Ann-Kat said...

So, do we get a history of the title choice? Blue Duck, eh?

And did you get the email I sent yesterday (I think it was yesterday, but it might have been brain is still mush).

margaret said...

The story is this.

One night while watching Dilbert on Hulu he mentioned a Blue Duck, and then BAM! My brain said to me "Margaret my dear, YOU must rename your blog "Blue Duck Book Reviews""

And thats the story :)

margaret said...

OH and ps No I never got your email :/
may you please reemail me?

Ann-Kat said...

I love Dilbert.

And email re-sent.

It basically told you to keep an eye out for a package. Which, having just checked the FedEx tracking, should have already arrived. LOL

It's so weird that my emails aren't coming through to you. Are you sure I'm not getting trapped as spam?