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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is such a wonderful book!! I remember the first time I ever heard about this book: 6th grade. At first I had no idea who "Harry Potter" was or what "Quiditch" is. I did not start reading the series until the 8th grade, and even then I didn't let myself quite enjoy them, for fear I'd be mocked as a nerd or geek. She puts the scope of the whole "Harry Potter Phenomenon" into a wonderful picture. I did not even begin to think that Harry Potter has such an impact on the world. I knew it was a quite popular book but not that popular.

The very first page of the very fist chapter hooks you in. Suddenly your eye are racing across the page in a rapid furry trying to keep up with the sudden feeling of urgency you feel. You know of course (if you've read the HP series) what she is hinting too, but still you can't help but feel as if your back in time, waiting for the final release of the HP book. You meet her, and her friends as the hold their breaths in excitement. As the book continues you meet her at the beginning: her first time ever hearing the series and just like HP you learn about her rise to fame too as "award-winning webmistress of the Leaky Cauldron".

Each chapter doesn't just lightly touch upon HP and his ties to the world: she goes into a depth I would never have been able to comprehend. For instance the internet. What could the internet ever have to do with a book especially in the 90's? Well everything. It not only helped millions of HP fans make web-sites to honor and adore him, but allowed an outlet for fanfic - writing about the characters outside of the book, and not written by JKR herself. And did you know about Harry and the Potter? I certainly did not before this book, I didn't even know that people had created bands from having read the series.

But in one part of the book, I finally had proof to why the Classandra Clare series "Cit of __" hit me so hard with HP tones. It's because she herself was a fanfic author! She became well known for her "Draco Malfoy" trilogy......and Jace from her "City of ___" is just like Malfoy only this time he isn't overshadowed by HP, and we get to know him from the start as a troubled boy much like HP and there we are allowed to fall in love with him.

I was so happy that she got to meet JKR herself! How cool would that be?! She wrote this book marvelously and I am highly recommending it to my friends, I hope you will enjoy it too!

This book is also reviewed by 5-Squared . They said " I highly recommend this book for any and all Harry Potter fans."

Harry, A History. By Melissa Anelli. Pocket Books, NY (c) 2008


Amanda said...

Hey thanks for coming by and commenting on my review of this book! It's so cool that you'd read something by Cassandra Clair before reading this book. I'd actually never heard of her or her books. How fun!

It's amazing the way this series has influenced the world.

ps - the word verification is "protter" - how ironic!

Margo said...

hahah that is very ironic. I never heard of her, and a friend Darla D. who's blog is Books and Other Thoughts told me about the books. they're very good and you should read them!!

Darla D said...

This one sounds good! I just posted my review of Tales of Beedle the Bard before stopping by your blog, so I was in a Harry frame of mind, so to speak. Have you read it yet? I'll have to check this one out!