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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

YA Challenge #8- Chosen

Ok so this will be embarrassing to tell. Well not really. Ok so when I chose this book I thought it was the first in the series. It's not. It is actually the 3rd in the series and the funny thing (maybe sad for the author) is I didn't notice.

Zoey has been marked to become a vampyre. She attends the school House of Night where she learns about the vampyre culture. Zoey has been chosen by the goddess Nyx to become the High Priestesses. Neferet is currently the one holding that title and she's becoming evil. You see Neferet is responsible for the death of Stevie Rae (Zoey's best friend). But Stevie Rae isn't really dead - its more like she's the un-dead dead and has become a monster. Zoey believe she can still save her best friend. Zoey thinks this has made Stevie Rae different than the other creatures.

Zoey can't tell anyone about Stevie Rae because Neferet will read their minds and know. When they go to have another circular ritual someone has to replace Stevie Rae's earth spot. Zoey quickly prays to Nyx - who sends her nemesis Aphrodite. Zoey soon learns that Aphrodite isn't that bad and she's actually nice and is the only one that can help her. Zoey goes to get Stevie Rae and take her to Aphrodite's house where Stevie Rae can clean up.

As if Zoey's problems weren't enough she now has 1 more problem. Loren is a young, extremely hot drama professor at the school. Loren is pretending to like Zoey so that he can ruin her relationships. It works. Loren convinces Zoey to drink his blood and she drinks his. Then he convinces her to tell him everything that has been bothering her. She does - spilling the secret about Stevie Rae. Erik walks in on them, and Zoey runs to catch up. As she's walking she hears Neferet talking to Loren. Zoey learns that Loren really doesn't love her like he said, and that he's only doing as Neferet bids.

Zoey has to save her best friend, avoid Neferet, and keep her friends from abandoning her.

I apologize for the bad review, but I just couldn't think of a review for this book. It really didn't stand out. I don't know if I will read these series (this time starting with book 1). I had a hard time getting into the grove of the book. I am curious though to see how she will resolve the problems - that alone will probably make me finish the series.

The Girls over at B.A.M. Book Reviews have already reviewed the 1st book. Go over there to check it out :)

Books in this series:
1) Marked
2) Betrayed
3) Chosen (just reviewed)
4) Untamed
5) Hunted
6) Tempted (October 2009)

Chosen by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. New York. 2008


Amanda said...

I wouldn't have known it wasn't the first, either. Don't be embarrassed.

margo said...

When I was reading it I couldn't tell! I don't know what that says about the plot.

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Good review :) Thanks for mentioning us!


Darla D said...

I read the first one in this series, and it was kind of eh. But there are people who rave about it, so I thought I'd try #2. I got maybe halfway through and put it down and couldn't really think of a compelling reason to pick it up again. So I didn't. Too many others cramming my shelves! So - you're not the only one. :-)

margo said...

No problem Briana :) You guys have an awesome blog.

Idk about reading more. I pulling my hair out to finish the story (not really) but my curiosity is piqued about Zoey fighting Neferet. Obviously she [Zoey] probably wins.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about it, I don't think it really matters with this series which you read first, as everything is explained again as if it's a new book - just to jog your memory if you've not read the previous books recently. I really loved this series - maybe you'd like Marked better, as that sort of establishes the characters for the next books?

Interesting review :)