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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arr maytes me treasure be found

So, the Miss Sara has given those who participated a lovely treasure.

Are you ready? .....You sure? Ok. So she gave the winners a pair of Chanel earings!! I know I know! That's what I thought. Ok no I joke, and I'm in a jokey (is that a word??) mood because I'm about to hit the gym and I'm happy (I know - gym and happy in the same sentence!! :O) So anyway the real prize is here....

It's tooo cute (thats the other reason I'm happy. I saw it and it's like wicked cute!!!!) SO I just thought I'd gloat, brag, and dance around my living room like a nerd. Hope you enjoyed my weird and funny post! C y'all in a bit!!


Anonymous said...

Haha Margo - glad you like it :) I didn't plan on putting the little creatures in but I found them too cute to resist. Congrats on reaching the big 5-9 ^D^

P.S. If I had Chanel earrings, I wouldn't be giving them away :L Greedy me would keep them all for myself :P

margo said...

Hahahahahahaha. Me too. I think it's because I'm reading the Blue Blood series and all they talk about is designer clothing!!! I'm so jealous :(