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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Club Dead

Sookie's boyfriend Bill, or Vampire Bill to the locals of Bon Temps, has been glued to the computer for weeks. Every time Sookie tries to glean information from him, she gets no where. One day Bill tells Sookie that if, for whatever reason, he does not return from his 'trip' that she is to swear allegiance to Eric and hand over the files he is keeping at her house. Sookie agrees.

One night after work, Sookie talks to Pam, Chow, and Eric - and they all have bad news about Bill. He is missing. They question Sookie relentlessly about his project and if she knew anything about it, for there is going to be hell to pay if they cannot recover Bill or his project. She says she does not know a thing, when she in fact does. Eric sets up a way she can go into Mississippi and recuse Bill.

She meets Alcide, her way into Mississippi and Club Dead. Club Dead is what the Shifters and Weres call the club owned by the Vampires. While at Club Dead they run into more trouble and invite the attention of the King of Mississippi - Russell. Sookie needed Russell's attention, because she believes he is the one holding Bill captive. But where? Is he even still alive?

I really enjoyed this book. Even though the last book was featured in Dallas, I felt that this book had better feel to it. This might have occurred because of the introduction of Alcide, which I secretly hope he and Sookie will get together. I must admit that when I first started reading this series, and she had to chose between Sam and Bill, I voted for Bill. But now, I don't think they would be a good fit. At times, this book feels very similar to the Anita Blake series (Eric reminds me a lot of Jean-Claude). I also enjoyed the development of Sookie; she is becoming more independent and smarter. I must admit, I love reading the Souther dialect - it makes me homesick sometimes.

One final note: I have often seen the advertisements for TRUEBLOOD and I have been curious to watch at least one show, but I do not own a television (shocking, is it not?) and I do not subscribe to Netflix. With that being said, I have seen who they chose to be Sookie and I do not like her for that part - nor Bill. From the glimpse I've seen of Bill on TRUEBLOOD he does not fit the persona I would have chosen. I've heard TRUEBLOOD is really good - is that so? For those of you who watch it - do you like it? What aspects of the show do you like? Does it follow the book series closely?

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris (New York: Ace Books, 2003.)

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