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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Monday, June 7, 2010


This is the third book in the Luxe series (reviews for both one and two).

In my previous reviewed posts I had mentioned that I was going to write what was on the inside flap and just give you my thoughts - well I felt like that was cheating and I am no longer going to do that.

When we last left our little group of blue bloods, Penelope and Lina - now called Carolina - were starting to get what they wanted. Their means may have been devious and cruel but at least they were getting results. Meanwhile our two favorite heroines were not fairing so well. Elizabeth was now, once again back in New York and Diana so hopelessly in love.

Elizabeth - She is now forced to resume her old role in society, even though she no longer cares for the life. She is the shell of her former self. While on a trip down to Florida with her sister, Penelope, Henry, Teddy, and Carolina she can't help but feel a little happy. One night on the dance floor Teddy once again proposes to her. Can she accept his proposal of love when she herself feels dead to the world?

Diana - Hopelessly in love with Henry (who may or may not still have feelings for her) and trying her best to push him out of her mind. After Penelope married Henry Diana realizes her chances with him are no longer. With her sister not feeling well she must put herself out there to represent the Holland family name. It's a hard thing to do when she keeps running into Henry. Does he still have feelings for her though?

Penelope - Spoiled, rotten, little thing she is. Now that she has successful married the wealthiest bachelor in all of New York what more can she do? Oh, that is except still try to ruin both Elizabeth and Diana Holland's lives. Penelope wants it all and to be the center of attention at all times, and she's finding it hard to do when society is still in love with perfect little Diana. Even her own husband can't keep his eyes off of Diana. Well, our Penelope won't take that, so now she must find a way to ruin her former "best" friend and her sister. But how to do it?

Carolina - Once again she finds herself in a world she had thought not possible. Dresses are made just for her, not those ugly off the rack dresses. She has found an old buck to support her lifestyle and she has a new crush a certain Leland. Yes, things could not be going better for the former lady's maid - and she is even going on an outing! She's going to Florida with Penelope, the Holland girls, Henry, Teddy Cutting, and even her crush! She's finally made it. Or has she? When telegram arrives to her in Florida that her friend Mr. Longhorn dies suddenly Carolina is at a loss of what to do. Who will now pay for her life? How will she be able to keep up her charade of being a wealthy girl from out West?

I feel a little betrayed by this third book. The ending was such in the second book, that I felt the third book would go a different way. Perhaps the fourth book will draw it all together in a nice, neat little package? Compared to the drama of the first two books, this one was on the quieter side - more back room dealings then public attempts.

I really do wish someone would stick it to Penelope! She's so spoiled - even her brother who is older than her - follows her commands like a trained dog. Just once I wish that the story would have her exposed. Would I feel sorry for her? Probably.

I did enjoy reading the book and imagining the fashion back then! I would have loved to dressed like that back in the day (forgoing the stupid corset). What life must've been like back then - if you were of the blue blood standing. It's always fun (for me) to read books set in a different time. I love getting glimpses of what it was once like or maybe.

Books in this series:

3. Envy
4. Splendor

Envy by Anna Godbersen. New York (c) 2008


Taschima Cullen said...

I love this series. I actually liked the whole "backstage" kind of feeling to this book. It was different and awesome. The Luxe (the first book) for me dragged a lil bit, then Rumors came by and I was captured in the rumors and gossip, not to mention the romance, the trip to Florida in Envy was a much needed one, it showed us the characters in a different space! And Splendor... Oh believe me, you won't see it coming.

margaret said...

Oh no!!! Now I'm hooked!!! What happens in Splendor??? I have to go put it on hold now!!! AH!