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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting Enough

Vera has had enough of her husband's cheating. She can't take it anymore. After years of putting up with his immoral behavior she decides to confront him. And how does she do this? At 3 a.m. with the lights blaring and shoving a pearl necklace in his face, a pearl necklace destined for one of his ladies. At first Sindey outright denies it, but then angered by his wife's words he shoots back that it's her fault. Her fault because she was too cold towards him. Her fault because she refused to come down from the morale high ground that she had made a house upon. Sindey is not the only one to blame. Vera would go out of her way to distance herself from him, from making rude remakes about him constantly, and hating the very air he breathes.

One night Sindey tells Vera to go ahead and cheat on him since he knows she has someone in mind. Vera finally decides to. What has she got to lose? She has much to lose, in fact. As she begins her affair with Boris (her niece's husband) she begins to realize that Sidney isn't that bad after all and she begins to look at her life in a different light. As she begins to changer her ways word gets out that she's having an affair and people can't wait to show her how two faced she is.
Can Sidney and her reconcile even in the face of a scandal?

This book was very interesting. At first Vera annoyed me immensely. How many times was she going to call someone a whore, and how many times was she going to call Sindey a cheater and keep hurling it in his face. I can't blame the guy; being married to someone who wouldn't even want to touch you? When Vera finally 'grows up' she sees herself in a new light as well as her husband. After that I grew to understand her a little bit more and grew to like her.

The story revolved around sex and how it affected relationships. There were some parts of the book were I was shocked (Vera and her brother had feelings for each-other that were 'abnormal' in our society's eyes), how often the word "whore" was used and there were other parts that made me stop and think: like the problem between Sidney and Vera. It was caused out of sexual frustration from both sides. Vera for not allowing herself sexual freedom and Sindey because Vera would often withhold. As Vera says, sex isn't all in a relationship - there has to be emotional growth too.

Getting Enough by Leonard Rosmarin (c) 2008


Jessica said...

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I gave your blog an award.

margaret said...

Thank you both for my awards! :) It means so much to me!

Darla D said...

Nice review! Sounds interesting, but a bit too grim for me, I think. :p

Leonard Rosmarin said...

Dear Margaret:

Thank you for your insightful review of my novel. You really understood the predicament in which Vera and Sidney were bogged down and how they emerged from it once Vera "grew up," as you so aptly put it. Despite the seriousness of the main theme, there is a lot of humour--albeit coarse humour--in the novel. Many of my Canadian readers picked this aspect up. In fact, one lady told me she was laughing so hard while reading my book that she had to put it down every three or four pages!
Be well