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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Friday, November 19, 2010

Demon Possessed


Ok. I absolutely HATE when I read a book out of series - the very first book I read and it's the WRONG NUMBER! UGH!

With that being said, I wasn't overly confused about the plot - which is either good or bad.

So, for those of you having read the books in order I'm sure the plot will make more sense to you than it did to me.

Megan Chase is a psychiatrist and is currently not happy with the meeting she's in. She is meeting with an FBI agent named Elizabeth Reid. Elizabeth is trying to get Megan to acknowledge, that Megan's boyfriend Greyson Dante (who also happens to be a head honcho in the Demon world) will be participating in a local meeting of all Demon Leaders (think The God Father). Megan pretends like she knows nothing.

Later that week Megan and her hot (he's a fire Demon) boyfriend Dante arrive at the hotel and buckle in for the extremely long week. It's all politics and schmoozing as each leader of the Demon branch try to vie for power. Everything seems to be going well until Agent Reid shows up and someone attacks Megan. Oh and she learns some bad news pertaining to her boyfriend. Can Megan cope with it all while saving herself and Agent Reid?

Hmm. As far as books go this one wasn't that interesting. I was so irritated by the constant use of similes that I wanted to burn the book, or throw it out the window! The ratio of similes to dialogue was 23094:2! It went something like this: Megan "I like cookies." Text "Megan liked cookies like a fat person loves cake. That is to say she loved them so much as if she couldn't live without them like a flower can't live without the sun. " (Gag!)

Irritating there right? Now IMAGINE 3/4 OF THE BOOK LIKE THAT! On top of that, I found Megan to be so whinny and WEAK! And I later found out she was like 5'9" and 104 lbs. Not that's to say there is a connection. BUT COME ON! I cannot stand weak women characters that are protagonist! I hate being type casted as a woman that can't do work because I have two X chromosomes and I need a big burly man to stack wood, or open the door for me. Thank you for the help but I can also do it. But Megan but all the hard work of feminist back like 499 years! (Ok, not that bad.)

She couldn't get over the fact that Greyson lied to her about some b.s. relating to demon politics. SO WHAT. Talk about it like two grown adults and then either repair the relationship or move on! She reminded me of Bella Swan in Twilight which irritated me more because I found Bella to be vexing too.

I finished this book a week ago, and apparently I'm still upset by it. I'm actually glad I didn't read the other two books because I doubt I'd get that far in the series. The book finally got good in the last 50 pages which is sad because the book is 321 pages and which isn't saying much.

I'm curious to hear what others think of this book. Did you like it? If so what aspects? What did you think of the simile problem? Did it bother you? Did you notice?

Books in this series:

1) Personal Demons
2) Demon Inside
3) Demon Possessed

Demon Possessed by Stacia Kane. Pocket Books: New York (2010).


Darla D said...

Ha! That is funny. I laughed at your review like a hyena laughing over a pile of Simba bones. Teehee. I guess sometimes it's not such a bad thing to read a series out of order!

Cozy in Texas said...

Hello, I stopped by your blog today. I had to laugh at the over use of similes. We discussed this at length in our writing group this week. One book that used similes well is Same Kind of Different as Me. They were very well placed.

margaret said...

Well welcome to my blog Cozy in Texas! I'm glad you smiled at the over use - I started to become very irritated with them.

Darla - I have read your comment a million times and I now got it. I guess that's what I get for brain fry during finals week!!!