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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Monday, September 26, 2011

A wonderful prize to be had by 1 lucky winner!

Thanks to Wiley (from Authors on the Web) I will be able to host a very special giveaway. As many of you may know Melissa De La Cruz has published a new Blue Bloods book: Lost In Time. I will be hosting a giveaway where ONE lucky winner will win a SIGNED copy of the book! That's right - A SIGNED COPY OF THE BOOK! All entries will be put into a random generator (so as to be fair.) The competition will begin soon so keep your eyes peeled!

So, if you want to be entered just give me your name and email address in the comments section below - if selected I will email you (you will have 48 hours to respond before another name is chosen) and I will send it off to Wiley and then you will get the book!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dead to the World

Sookie has made a promise to herself; she will no longer get beaten up. It has been a rough year for her. She was greatly injured in Dallas and again when she was trying to rescue Bill. She will not be the Supernaturals' bunching bag anymore.

After a late shift she heads on home, and on the way home she sees a strange sight. When she gets closer she notices that Eric is running in the middle of the cold night only wearing pants. She stops to ask him what he is doing and his reaction is quite curious. Instead of his usual 'charm' with her - he extends his fangs and hisses at her. Startled, Sookie asks Eric what is going on, and his reply is even more confusing. He does not know who she is. Worried that something is wrong with Eric she convinces him to get into her car and then drives back home.

When she gets home she calls Pam and tells her that she has Eric. Pam's directions to Sookie are simple: stay there and don't let Eric out of the house. Starting to worry even more, Sookie does as she is told. When Pam arrives Sookie gets let in on what is going on. Witches have cast a spell on Eric and erased his memory. There are no ordinary witches though; some are weres and they all feed on Vampire blood. What's worse is they're trying to take over the Sherveport area and will stop at nothing to make sure they win. Sookie has to try and help Eric while keeping her New Year's resolution. Can she? To complicate things even more - Jason has gone missing.

I like how the series is progressing. We are getting to know more characters like Pam and Eric. I am really starting to enjoy Pam's character - she is almost like the dry British humor. One cannot forget Eric though either. Last night while thinking over this book I couldn't help but think the Eric/Sookie action reminded me too much of Anita/Jean-Claude. On one of the covers someone praised Ms. Harris for her ability to add the Anita Blake quality but make it her own. I don't know if this is exactly true. I have been watching TrueBlood on HBO and I find it very irritating. The actress who plays Sookie reminds me of nails on a chalk board. What do you guys think?

Dead to the World by by Charlaine Harris (New York: Ace Books, 2004.)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Club Dead

Sookie's boyfriend Bill, or Vampire Bill to the locals of Bon Temps, has been glued to the computer for weeks. Every time Sookie tries to glean information from him, she gets no where. One day Bill tells Sookie that if, for whatever reason, he does not return from his 'trip' that she is to swear allegiance to Eric and hand over the files he is keeping at her house. Sookie agrees.

One night after work, Sookie talks to Pam, Chow, and Eric - and they all have bad news about Bill. He is missing. They question Sookie relentlessly about his project and if she knew anything about it, for there is going to be hell to pay if they cannot recover Bill or his project. She says she does not know a thing, when she in fact does. Eric sets up a way she can go into Mississippi and recuse Bill.

She meets Alcide, her way into Mississippi and Club Dead. Club Dead is what the Shifters and Weres call the club owned by the Vampires. While at Club Dead they run into more trouble and invite the attention of the King of Mississippi - Russell. Sookie needed Russell's attention, because she believes he is the one holding Bill captive. But where? Is he even still alive?

I really enjoyed this book. Even though the last book was featured in Dallas, I felt that this book had better feel to it. This might have occurred because of the introduction of Alcide, which I secretly hope he and Sookie will get together. I must admit that when I first started reading this series, and she had to chose between Sam and Bill, I voted for Bill. But now, I don't think they would be a good fit. At times, this book feels very similar to the Anita Blake series (Eric reminds me a lot of Jean-Claude). I also enjoyed the development of Sookie; she is becoming more independent and smarter. I must admit, I love reading the Souther dialect - it makes me homesick sometimes.

One final note: I have often seen the advertisements for TRUEBLOOD and I have been curious to watch at least one show, but I do not own a television (shocking, is it not?) and I do not subscribe to Netflix. With that being said, I have seen who they chose to be Sookie and I do not like her for that part - nor Bill. From the glimpse I've seen of Bill on TRUEBLOOD he does not fit the persona I would have chosen. I've heard TRUEBLOOD is really good - is that so? For those of you who watch it - do you like it? What aspects of the show do you like? Does it follow the book series closely?

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris (New York: Ace Books, 2003.)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living Dead In Dallas

Sookie and Bill the vampire have been an item for awhile now. Per their request, they will be left alone if they help our Eric every now and again. Eric is the boss for the local Vampire group. Sookie agrees to it even though she does not agree.

One her way to work one morning, she notices that Andy's car door is ajar, and trying to be a helpful citizen she decides to close the door. At first it won't close and when she tries again she sees the issue. Someone has left a dead body in the back of Andy's car. She immediately parks her car and calls the cops. The car was left in Sam's parking lot and Andy is a cop - things don't look too well.

Sookie has to figure out who killed her good friend Lafayette but before she can accomplish this task she has to help the Vampires of Dallas - it is Eric's request (more like command.)

The Vampires of Dallas want Sookie's help because one of their own has been missing for a couple of days. They want to find their missing friend quietly - if other vampires are aware that Stan cannot keep track of his own things might get messy.

Sookie agrees to help Stan on the condition that all humans (regardless of being guilty or innocent) must be let go - Stan unwillingly agrees to the terms. Sookie uncovers a deeper plot - someone has bugged the inside of Stan's headquarters and Sookie believes that the missing vampire was taken by the Fellowship of the Sun. Sookie agrees to go undercover with Hugo to try and uncover what happened in the church. Things don't go according to plan and what Sookie uncovers is shocking.

I have seen many of the adds on HBO featuring TrueBlood. I am not certain I want to watch that show - I never have enjoyed movies or shows made from books. It had been awhile since I had read one of the Sookie novels. This book was fun to read and nothing really stood out at me. Sookie's character is agreeable, and I find Bill to be interesting. I once rooted for Bill and Sookie but I might be changing my mind to Sookie and Sam. What do you guys think? Sookie and Bill or Sookie and Sam?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Stupidest Angel

(Blog note: My cover was cream colored but I really enjoyed the red boldness of this cover so I chose it instead.)

I am very glad that I gave Christopher Moore another chance. If you recall from an earlier post - I was not a huge fan of A Dirty Job.

This book focuses on the little town of Pine Cove during the time around Christmas. As we all know, the time period around Christmas can be very hectic - even more so the week prior to the big day. The book zooms in on certain key people like Lena (the ex-wife of Dale), Dale (a sordid person), Theo (the town constable), Maggie (Theo's wife and ex-B movie star), and Tucker (Lena's love interest).

When Raziel, the angel sent to deliver Christmas' miracle message, arrives to Earth he shakes things up. First of all - he doesn't blend in to the surrounding town. He is tall, blonde, blue eyed, and wearing a BLACK trench coat asking for a little boy. Not the kind of behavior that instills trust and faith in people. Meanwhile, Lena and Dale are fighting and while Lena is digging up a pine tree on Dale's property. Dale goes to attack Lena and in self-defense she kills him - accidentally of course. Two people witness this: a little boy and Tucker. Tucker helps Lena cover up the murder while the little boy goes home - to scared to tell anyone he just saw Santa Clause bite the bullet of death. When Raziel asks the child what his Christmas wish is - the little boy wishes for Santa not to be dead. What Raziel does, is raise ALL of the town's dead - making it a Christmas no one would forget. The town now has to fight off a horde of zombies that want to eat brains and then shop at Ikea (I loved that part!)

It was such a wonderfully funny book. I loved all the characters, especially how they interacted with one another. The end of the book had an enjoyable twist.

The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore, (New York: HarperCollins, 2004.)


I had to read this book for my American Ways of War class. It was a phenomenal book, that really allowed the reader to understand the view points of the men in the 2nd Platoon of the U.S. Army. Mr. Junger lived with them in the Korengal Valley - Afghanistan's deadliest location. The book does not deal with the 'politics' of war - simply the human nature of it; the fear, the love, and the psychology of war.

The thing that shocked me most, the lack of thought as to why they were fighting this war. They only cared for their brothers. If you spend all your days with a select few men, it is certainly understandable why you would only care for their safety. But wouldn't you be a bit curious as to why they are dying in the war?

I became really attached to the men in the platoon, and felt as if they were my friends too. I became emotional when Restrepo, the medic, was killed in action, and felt that I had just lost him as well.

The book really helped me understand how the men work - and I was allowed to see a glimpse into the much hidden world of a location acting outside the scrutinizing eye of the Top Brass. It gave me hope when the certain elder tribesmen of Afghanistan and certain men of the American military were working together to solve the many issues facing both factions.

My favorite part in the book was when both the American military and the Taliban fighters acknowledge each-other's fighting ability.

Eventually the base was destroyed and the American military pulled out of the location allowing it to fall back into Afghanistan's control.

I strongly recommend that everyone reads this book. It is a fascinating glimpse into a world that is kept from public eye. There are no politics in this book - it is simply a book about WAR and the effects it has on the people with in it.

War by Sebastian Junger (c) 2010

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Dirty Job

I had wanted to read Christopher Moore for a very long time, I just never had the time (I am finally done with this semester!!) I also, bought the Nook and wanted to add books to is - so why not do this one? I liked the cover and thought it would be amusing to read. Well, I was not that big of a fan when it came to his writing style (I am currently reading The Stupidest Angel and finding it hilarious!) OMFG! I just looked online and they're making a movie out of it? Hollywood - WHY CAN'T YOU BE ORIGINAL AND LEAVE THE BOOKS ALONE! (Ok, sorry about that!)

Charlie Asher is your average Beta male, not too hot and not too cold. He has the love of his life Rachel who is a beautiful, smart woman. A woman, many would say, was out of Charlie's league. They are about to expect their first child, and both could not be more happy. Well, Charlie is starting to get a bit unhinged. He is starting to see glowing red objects where ever he goes. He doesn't know what to make of them, nor if he is the only one who can see them. When he tried to warn someone that their umbrella was glowing red, the man was instantly killed by a bus! And when Charlie tried to explain to people what had just happened - it was like he was invisible!

When their child is born, both parents are excited (as every parent is). Suddenly, Charlie notices a dark figure in the room with him while Rachel sleeps. What is this man doing in his room? Charlie races to get the nurse but when he returns the man is gone, and Rachel will not awaken. She is dead. Charlie becomes heart-stricken and it is only with his sister's help that he begins to live again.

His life however, takes a turn for the weird. People start to die around Charlie, and that is after their names appear in a note pad by his bedside. Furthermore, he hears voices. These voices do not reside in his head, but in the sewers below the road. They call to him, and they call him "Fresh Meat". What's even stranger is a big, black, raven follows him. What does this mean? Why are they following Charlie? Is he the new Death?

Although I found his writing style to be a bit off (for me) I did enjoy this book. At one point I was in my bedroom with my dog sleeping beside me, when he got to to edge of the bed and started to do a deep growl - the kind that warns intruders to leave. It scared me because I was at the point in the book, where the Sewer voices could only be seen by dogs! Silly I know, but I could not help by be a bit scared. I enjoyed the relationship between Minty Fresh and Charlie. It was a wonderfully funny book and I cannot wait to read many more of his books.

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. (c) 2006