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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Friday, July 25, 2008

Something Great!

This book was picked up by me on a whim. I thought it would be a boring book, like the Shopaholic books. But it put me to shame..yes I did judge a book by its cover and for that I am sorry!

This book was funny, witty, sad, and downright a page turner!

Rachel has a best friend named Darcy. They have been together since the third grade and have grown up connected at the hip! Darcy was always the one with all the luck growing up....flawless looks, always a trend setter, and always got the guys. While Rach was more of a wall flower comparatively. While in law school Rach meets Dex, but thinks that he will never EVER like her so introduced him to Darcy. 7 yrs later is where the story picks up!

On Rach 30's birthday night her and Dex had sex. And did I mention that Dex is Darcy's fiance? Oh yes...this is a very good book! So as to not give the ending away I will tell you this.......Dex has loved Rach ever since they meet and She too as love Dex. But what about Darcy? Rach has been her best friend for YEARS! and Dex and Darcy have been an item for 7 years. So what do Dex and Rach do now that they know they can't live without eachother?

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Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. St Martin's Griffin. NY. (c) 2004


Darla D said...

I've heard good things about this one. Great review!

Darla D said...

Hello? What happened to your posts? Your loyal readers are ready for more reviews! BTW you have to read the "magic or madness" trilogy by Justine Larbalestier. It starts with Magic or Madness. You'll love it!