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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Charlotte Usher is invisible to everyone, even her parents don't notice her. She decides that that will change and over the course of the summer begins to changer herself into what she thinks the popular kids will like. On her first day of school she begins her plan. Almost everything is going according to plan - she even gets to be Damen's lab partner! He's like the hottest dude in school!!

Just as she is about to agree to help Damen with physics she chokes to death on a gummy bear. Sad. Especially since no one is there to help. When she becomes a ghost she has to go to DeadEd and learn all the ropes of being a ghost. Ha! School when your alive - and school when your dead. Sucks.

The teacher puts it nicely why teen ghosts have to go to school - when your an adult and have lived a life you learn from your mistakes. When your a toddler you don't yet have a moral compass and there fore pass school. When your a teen your vapid and selfish and therefore have to go to DeadEd and learn how to come to terms with your death and learn how to become self-less.

But giving up a life Charlotte so desperately wanted is not on her agenda. She down right refuses to follow the Dead rules. This lands her in a tight spot when she keeps interfering with the living kids (which is against the rules!!) - especially Scarlet who lets Charlotte take control of her body. But in order to save the Dead Mansion and allow the Dead Kids to graduate Charlotte has to learn to let go. Something we all have had trouble with.

ps I'd totally hate to die by gummy bear. I hate those things!

After reading this book I don't know how I feel on it. It was funny yes, but . . . . . but to me, it wasn't hands down -the-best-book-ever. I did enjoy the emotional growth of both Scarlet and Charlotte and it was fun to see another interpretation to life after death. I'm definitely reading the second book. All in all the was a good book :)

Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley. New York (c) 2008


Taschima Cullen said...

I thought this book was a little, am, childish for me. I dont know, more for like 12 year old's.

margo said...

Yeah I could see that. I felt that too - I was thinking more like 13 yr olds :P