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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hush Hush

Nora Grey is a bright sophomore who aspires to attend one of the big ivy league colleges. She walks into her biology class one day and is shocked to see two barbie dolls taped to the chalk board with "Welcome to Human Reproduction" written beneath them. She sits next to her best friend Vee, waiting to begin the semester. When the bell rings her teacher Coach walks in and tells the whole class he'll be switching it up a bit by making everyone have new lab partners. Vee is forced to move to another seat, and the person taking up Vee's old seat has danger written all over him.

The assignment Coach gives the new partners is to find out as much information as they can about their new lab partners - and yes he will check for authenticity. Nora introduces herself and waits for him to begin asking her questions. Patch however isn't a "follow the rules" kinda guy and decides to just write down all the information he knows about her. When Nora asks what he's doing he starts listing all the details about her, and all the information he's sharing is spot on. But how does he know all about her when they just met?

That's not the only thing troubling Nora. She can't stop thinking about him, and now it seems like where ever she turns Patch is right there. Half of her screams to stay away from him but the other half can't seem to stay away. Odd and scary things start to happen to Nora after becoming Patch's lab partner. One night while trying to fall asleep she is awoken by a strange sound and when she looks into her window she see a face looking back in, and her bedroom is on the second floor. She can't shake the feeling that she's being followed and watched, and it doesn't help that every time she turns around she sees a dark figure quickly disappearing. These strange occurrences are some how connected to Patch and she's having a hard time deciding if Patch is safe or dangerous.

I liked this book a lot, well generally I like all the books I read. When you first start reading this book you get a sense that Patch is dangerous but more of a 'bad boy' dangerous and you can understand why Nora is attracted and repulsed by him at the same time. He keeps telling her he has a dark past and again we along with Nora assume he was a teenage delinquent and now he's trying to reform. As the book continues more characters are added into the pot and we see how Patch/Nora react to them. Vee is the catalyst causing all the drama and friction between Nora and the new guy Elliot. I loved the foreshadows and twists and turns that were put into this story to make it fun and interesting to read.

Books in this series:

1) Hush Hush
2) Crescendo (Fall 2010)

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. New York (c) 2009


Imogen said...

YAY there is another one!!! YaY!!!! Just finished this book and it was amazings!!!


margaret said...

OMG I know I loved the book :) and I can't wait for the 2nd one to come out!!!!

Darla D said...

I keep hearing good things about this one. Does it end with a good conclusion, or does it leave you hanging?

margaret said...

Hmmm, well I had the advanced readers copy which did leave you hanging in an "ugh! Come on!!" way but then I read the up-date and it's a little better, but you know there will be a 2nd book.

Lady Disdain said...

actually, i didn't enjoy this book very much. some of the things that patch said, while it might have been intended to be charming, it actually sounded a little pervy. plus i couldn't understand some of nora's decisions at all. they're so unrealistic and don't correlate to what she says earlier or after.
i actually didn't finish this book becuase it was such a slow read and i had to return but i might borrow it and finish because i hate not finishing books.

margaret said...

Hmm I'm trying to think of some of the things Patch said that could be construed as "pervy" - and all I can think of is some of his innuendoes but then he is a teenage boy and well they don't always think w/their brain. But I can understand Nora's decisions not always matching up. I think I'll re-read it w/your POV to see it from another view, I might see a different perspective. But I agree w/you - I hate not finishing books (I tried to re-read a book twice that I didn't like, and to this day I never finished it)

Anonymous said...
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Sara Leslie (Dragonfly Reviews) said...

I still have this in my TBR pile, but I'm really looking forward to reading it and have been since it got it :)

Love the review; I really want to read the book now! And even though I haven't read it yet I can't wait for the sequel ^D^

BTW, you won an award *applause*

Sara xxx

margaret said...

Aww thanks Sara!! I'll go look at my new award right now!! You'll love the book ( I did!!) Have you read Need yet? I liked that book too!

Anonymous said...

I liked this too, but did the scene in the kitchen kind of weird you out? Like is he going to stab her or kiss her? It was a little heebie jeebie!

margaret said...

it was kinda odd. All of the sudden there's so much heat and then like BAM it's gone

jehara said...

I haven't heard of this series, but it sounds like something I would like.

margaret said...

If you do try the book I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :) It is a really good book!