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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nightlight: A Parody

When I first came across this book I was excited, I was also in Barnes and Noble which might've added to my excitement. I quickly picked up this book and read the back and knew instantly I wanted to read this book. I was about to purchase it when I looked at the price: $13.95 for a 154 page book. Uh, no thanks. So I sadly put it back on the shelf and decided to put it on hold at my library.

Finally it arrived and with in the first sentence I was laughing hysterically: "The hot Phoenix sun glared down on the car windowsill where my bare, pallid arm dangled shamelessly" (page 3).

It opens very similar to the Twilight book, which this book obviously parodies. Since it obviously parodies Twilight there isn't a reason for me to state what happens in the book except that towards the end there is a twist that was not in Twilight. The two main character are Belle Goose and Edwart Mullen. In this book however, Edwart isn't a cool and dangerous as he is in Twilight. In fact Edwart Mullen is more of a wet blanket. Belle Goose is still a ditz and well oblivious to everything around her, much like she is in Twilight.

I'm going to share with you ONE of my favorite passages (there were too many to re-write and well let's face it - I'd probably retype the whole book).

"I felt overwhelmed and confused by the results: "Nosferatu", "The Buffy Summers Workout", "Kristen Sterart's Onset Romance", "Midnight Sun Leaked", "Robert Pattinson Excellent Blues Singer".
Weird. What did any of this have to do with vampires?"
(page 44)

Such a fun quick read to pass the time between books! For those of you who love Twilight you might not like it quite so much. I loved it - since I'm not a huge fan of Twilight anyway.

Nightlight: A Parody by The Harvard Lampoon. New York (c) 2009


Taschima Cullen said...

I know exactly how you feel, though sometimes it was too over the top.

margaret said...

I completely agree!

La Coccinelle said...

I've been meaning to read one of these Twilight parodies. Either this one, TwiLite, or New Moan. I love the names in Nightlight, though. Edwart? Classic. LOL

margaret said...

Oh! How silly of me to think there wouldn't be other Twilight parodies! I'll have to check them out too! New Moan sounds like it'll be really funny!

♥ Lisa ♥ said...

Have to check this one out. I liked the series but am all for poking fun of it. Thanks for the review.

margaret said...

No problem Lisa! I can't wait to hear what you think of the book!! :)