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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jaz Parks - Mission 2

I must quickly say that when I googled a picture to put for this post, Queen's photo popped up. It made me chuckle and I just had to play the song. Oh Queen how I love some of your music :)

Jaz and Vayl now have another dangerous mission on their hands. A crazed Chinese vampire named Chien-Lung has stolen Burgman's armor. This isn't just any old armor. Burgman has created an armor that adheres to the wear's skin (at a molecular level.) The armor has spikes that can shoot out of the back, grow poisonous claws, scales that sprout quickly to protect the head, you get the point. Chien-Lung wants to use the armor to create an army for China that will take over the world. Samos is once again the puppet master behind the scenes.

We catch up with Cole and Jaz on a moped. Generally a moped is not the vehicle of choice for our heroine; she prefers her 1965 Corvette Sting Ray 327 convertible. Her boss Pete though is tired of Jaz blowing up cars. A moped is less likely to cost more money if it gets blown up, right? Our crew is stationed at the Corpus Christi WInter Festival in lovely Texas. Chien-Lung has brought his Chinese acrobats to preform for the people of Corpus Christi. In order for our gang to move in undetected by Chien-Lung and his army, Jaz & Co. have become performers. Jaz is to belly dance, Cole will do a juggling act, Vayl will sing, and Cassandra will do her readings. Just as in the last mission, nothing goes according to plan, and a easy mission is not in their future.

While Jaz and Cole are viewing the camp ground they come across a nice Chinese woman and her child. As they are talking to the woman the child begins to choke on a hot dog. Thinking quickly Cole does CPR and saves the child. They learn that the Chinese woman is one of the acrobats in Chien-Lungs camp. They switch tickets and go back to the RV to prepare for the mission.

Jaz's past has been plaguing her even more. Whenever she sleeps she sleep walks, but they are not peaceful. In her dreams she is still dealing with the loss of Matt, her sister-in-law, and the guilt she carries with her. She also fights with her twin brother, Dave. She is still struggling with the fact that Matt is no longer with her, and the guilt she has that her team died under her watch. Cassandra and Jaz go to meet one of Cassandra's friends that might be able to help Jaz with her issue. But when they arrive to meet Cassandra's friend - a soul reaver is there who attacks Jaz. After Jaz is released from the hospital (her hands needed stitches) another piece of the mystery is revealed. Samos has brought reavers into this world for one thing - world war. They have to race against the clock to stop Chien-Lung from mass producing Bergman's armor and stop the reaver from killing innocent people. ANother tall order for Jaz & Co.

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Darla D said...

Glad you liked this one! I now have 2 books to mail you, since I finished #3. It's good!