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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thora: A Half-Mermaid Tale!

Thora is quite the unique young girl - for she is half human and half mermaid! Her mother fell in love with a human named Thor, but sadly he disappeared.

When Thora was born Halla had a problem, she couldn't take care of her new baby girl! She tried everything but nothing worked. In fear Halla swims to the sea witch begging to know the answer to keep Thora healthy. The sea witch snootily replies

"If you produce a child
Half of the land and sea
It will have to live in both
In order to be free."

Halla begins to worry because she doesn't know how she'll raise Thora on the land! Luckily for her a human named Mr. Walters hears Thora crying. He follows the sound to an old run-down boat named the Loki. There he finds a tiny baby crying her eyes out. He quickly hastens to the local cinema and asks the 3 ladies for help. They give him warm milk and a blanket. The next day Mr. Walters meets Halla and she tells him of her story. It's then that he decides to purchase the Loki and sale the world for the first 10 years of Thora being on the sea.

In the meantime there is a busy body named Mr. Frooty de Mare who wants to buy up all the real-estate in Grimli and make all the businesses his. The only 2 pieces he can not buy are the cinema and the Loki. After pursuing both Mr. Walters and the 3 sisters he gives up hope. If they won't join him than by god he'll destroy them!

Thora must now spend the next 10 years on land. The only problem is Mr. Walters her guardian is called away because his brother has died. Halla can not help Thora navigate the land, being a mermaid and all. Thora has to now learn the way of the humans and avoid the beady eye of Mrs. Grubb who thinks Thora is an abandoned child. Things get worse for Thora when her mother suddenly goes missing - but luckily she has her friends Holly, Ricky, and Lynne to help solve the mystery!

I liked this book. It was so cute - and I liked that mermaids weren't your typical mermaid. According to this author mermaids have blow-holes on top of their heads!! Thora is a smart, brave girl who tackles every problem with a level head. I love too that she is unique and helps other characters by her actions. I'm defiantly reading the next book :)

Books in this series:

1) Thora : A Half-Mermaid Tale
2) Thora And the Green Sea Unicorn: Another Half- Mermaid Tale
3) Thora And the Incredible Crystals

Thora : A Half-Mermaid Tale by Gillian Johnson. New York (c) 2003


B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Good review! Thanks for entering my contest btw! :)


margo said...

Thanks - and your welcome :)!!!

Darla D said...

This sounds cute - I'll recommend it to the girls. :-)

margo said...

I hope they liked it!! I certainly did :)