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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My painting was awarded . . .

So I hope you guys remember my post about Imogen finding this website where you could tweek your own pictures or create your own. Since computers are wicked hard for me to understand I just made my own.

Well she awarded me an ....well AWARD!! :) I've got my acceptance speech right here . . . it's got to be somewhere . . . NO!!! Ed drop the paper, drop it Ed! Blasted dog. Fine. I don't need that speech. . .

My Award :)
It's wicked cute!

Imogen, Sara, and Riri Williow all created masterpieces as well. Please go check them out!
And if you feel artsy as well create your own right here! :) If you do, it will give me a
chance to put on some "judge" glasses, lean really close to the moiniter and say things like
"Hmmm. I see the shading, hmm yes it could've been blended in more." or "OH! And look at
that html code! So sloppy!!"

And if you do make one, let Imogen know - she might even give you an award ;)

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