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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kitty Takes A Holiday

Kitty needs a break. The past year has taken a toll on her. She was kicked out of her old town by a lunatic alpha, then a Senator looking to become president targeted her and publicly humiliated her. It's no wonder she decided to get lost in the woods and be wolf.

Before she becomes one with nature - her agent asks her to write a book about the past year and what it was like. She gets a call from Ben and she heads out to meet him. Ben is her lawyer and acts as a liaison between the outside world and Kitty.

After Kitty and Ben take care of the paperwork Ben tells Kitty that he has to leave to help Cormac with a job. When Kitty arrives back home - it's not all peace and quite anymore. In the middle of the night she hears a scream. She finds a dead rabbit on her porch and blood smeared into a cross on her door. Blood magic - but who would hate Kitty enough to do that? Who knows she's there besides Ben and her new neighbors?

The killings of rabbits keeps happening and it's starting to anger Kitty off. This is her home and no one has the right to attack her home. One night Kitty hears wheels on the driveway and it's Cormac with Ben - who's been attacked by a werewolf. Cormac tells Kitty of the case he's on - a family in New Mexico hires Cormac to kill their son, who turned werewolf. The only problem was that the werewolf wasn't alone. It was with a dark evil creature with red glowing eyes.

Comrac and Ben stay with Kitty. Cormac finds crosses spread around Kitty's house - and it's not a good sign. Someone is trying to scare Kitty away - and when dead dogs appear skinned and hanging from the trees, Kitty can't take it anymore. The local police aren't helping either. When the evil that Cormac faced in New Mexico comes to haunt them in Colorado - Kitty's wits are at an end and prepares to fight back.

This books was definitely a good read. The action grows by each book and the tension between Cormac and Kitty intense and a new relationship began between Ben and Kitty. I liked how Kitty realized how strong she is - and how she realized that her show is even more important to her than she once thought.

This book has been recommend to me by Darla D.

Books in this series :

3) Kitty Takes A Holiday
4) Kitty And the Silver Bullet
5) Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand
6) Kitty Raises Hell

Kitty Takes A Holiday by Carrie Vaughn. New York (c) 2007


Darla D said...

This was a good one, wasn't it?! I'm glad you're enjoying the series, too. Nice review.

margo said...

Now I'm confused!! Should she be with Cormac or Ben???

Darla D said...

All I can say is that the next book will probably leave you more confused. :-p

margo said...

Nooooo!!! :P