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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Monday, September 14, 2009

Please forgive me.

Hi guys. I know in the past I was hell bent on trashing twitter. But Please let me again state the reason:

I hated twitter because the news agencies had taken to broadcasting it as if it were VERY important news updates.

But I have decided to join twitter to join the hordes of book bloggers out there. So I apologize if I seem two faced. My twitter name is: mellerita. I look forward to meetin' y'all on twitter :)


Anonymous said...

Book bloggers are the only reason I joined twitter too. :) BTW, I totally love your header!

Ann-Kat (Today, I Read...) said...

While I can't really trash Twitter (I used it immensely at one point...addicted to the point where my friends wanted to confiscate my phone), but lately I haven't been using it at all. Even though I know I should start tweeting again, especially now that I'm book blogging, I'm holding out...

*sigh* I think your post will be the tipping point because I'm starting to feel left out of the loop. LOL

P.S. Ditto what J. Kaye said...awesome header.

margaret said...

J. Kaye - It's the only reason I joined too. I saw too many posts about book bloggers on twitter and felt that pang of being left out - so I had to join :)

Ann-Kat - Hahaha I won't be the one to beg you and annoy you to join. But yeah, I got tired of feeling left out :)

margaret said...

OH! J. Kaye!! I forgot to tell you my header is Mutt by Patrick McDonnell. I love his comics - and the fact that he is an avid supported of adopting pets from the shelter vs buys "pure breeds"

Anonymous said...

I will definitely look Patrick McDonnell up. We have six rescues of our own. ;)

margaret said...

Aww!! We rescued my dog Waggles from a puppy mill. When we first got her she didn't know what doors were or stairs. They kept her in a baby pool (those shallow plastic ones) with shredded news papers and chicken wire fencing. When I get my own apartment we're totally adopting :) or getting one from a rescue.

Julie said...

I'll be looking for you on Twitter. I joined too recently.
Incidentally, we adopted our family dog, Candy, from the A.D.L.(Animal Defense League) shelter.

margaret said...

I miss not having my dogs. I moved and left them with my mom and sister back south. :(

when I get an apartment with Vince. i've already decided we're adopting. there are no if and's or buts! :)