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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glory, Glory, Oh My!

This her second book in her "In Death" series. Its our second encounter with Eve and Roarke. But this time we'll meet a character than will become another of our favorites: Peabody.

The scene opens with the horrific death of a important and well known PA - Cicely Towers. She's found with a deep slice across her neck in a part of town that is known to be more than a little shady. But what could possible cause this wealthy and well known PA to be there?

As Eve starts to dig for the answers she digs up some history on Ms Tower's son: he was a big time gambler and very much in debt. Motive perhaps? The only problem for Eve on this case is the personal relation between Commander Witney and the Towers family. Now Eve has to navigate a narrow road between Lieutenant Eve and Friend Eve to Commander Witney.

As the murder investigation goes on, another prominent women is killed : this time a famous and up and coming actress. Yvone Metcalf was a bright and well known actress who took life easy and was a happy person. But someone didn't want her to be happy anymore. But who?

As the murder investigation continues, Eve believes she has the murder: Cicley Tower's son. When he is taken in to the interrogation room, Eve hounds him for the truth. Unfortunately for her she he is not the real murder - he's still on the lose. But who?

The relationship between Roarke and Eve grow stronger in this book. I do feel, and Darla has made me think more upon this, it does seem a bit rushed. This book happens after the DeBlass murder which happened in the winter. And in this book they've already moved in together. Even in real life would a couple move in together after (lets say) 4 months after knowing eachother, perhaps? There is a nice suprise for those of you who haven't read it yet that Roarke gives Eve. I am happy that they are together it reminds me very much of my relationship between me and my love :)

But my question: Why does Summerset hate Eve so much? I can understand in the first book, but in the second?

Glor in Death by JD Robb Berkley Books New York 1995


Darla D said...

I think Summerset doesn't get along with Eve because he doesn't want to share Roarke and doesn't think she's good enough for him (at least at first). Then I think they just love having each other to antagonize. Plus it's funny! :-D

Margo said...

hahah i think your right. but it just hit me that right away a huge disdain, and then it continues. granted later in the series they become a little more "friendly".