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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back to the Beginning

So I find myself re-reading the "IN DEATH" series. This is a series I love so much! I find that in her earlier works, its much more action packed. The love b/w R and E is very new and raw, which means for us readers that we are more inclined to read it and not think "its getting stale".

The book opens with the death of a prominent young lady, the granddaughter of a State Senator. This young girl was killed with a weapon that you won't find in 2043 - a gun. Technology as it might be in the future is highly more sophisticated. There are flying buses and cars that can travel on land and in the air. Tubes that connect people to building - all in all the New New York is a pretty futuristic place.

Eve has to find the murder, and quick. Being the arrogant person he or she is, they leave a note at the scene "One of Six". Eve is paired with her good friend Feeney, who is in the EDD or basically special computers. All ready they are bogged down by the secrecy of this case: Code 5. Since Sharron's grandfather is the State Senator no information can leak to the press which makes it very hard for Eve. Within the second week another person is murdered - this time its a barely 18yr old. Both these women were LCs of Liecenses Companions - or harlots if you will. So far that information alone is connecting them. However Sharron's grandfather doesn't want the family name tainted with Lola's name.

At the funeral of Sharron DeBlass Eve sees Roarke - a stunning Irish man, with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. They hold eye contact for one minute before a crowd comes in between them. Roarke and Eve then begin a relationship, and their relationship is then put under the microscope for the whole city of New York to look upon. Someone keeps framing Roarke and slanting Eve's ability to find the murder or muderes. When the third victim is murdered Eve goes into hyper-drive. As she goes to interrogate Roarke they find that the murder isn't as keyedin with Roarke as once thought.

This is a really good book, that hooks you into the series. It was deffantly a page turner for me :) I love reading the books and following the relationships of all the characters!

Naked in Death by JD Robb. Berkler Books, NY 1995


Darla D said...

Nice review, Margolina! I still have a ways to go with this one. Your comment about the relationship made me curious - do you think it feels stale in the later books? So far I don't, but as I said I have a long way to go till I get to the end.

Margo said...

its not stale, but defiantly not as intensive as they were in her earlier books in this series.