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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blood Valentine

The Ancient Greeks feared love because they knew how powerful it was. It was and is a force that cannot be stopped. As one famous saying goes, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Bloody Valentine opens with our friend Oliver, fresh in the grasps of the ugly side of love; the love that is painful and deadly. Every waking second stings with the love that is lost, gone forever. Every scent, sight, sound reminds him of the one that is no longer there. He enters the local pub Holiday to ease his aching heart. He has become a regular there, a place where underage drinking is allowed. He tries to lessen the painful memories of Schuyler by knocking back shot after shot. He then forms an idea in his head - one that might help erase her completely from his memory. As he is leaving for the night the bartender gives him on quick warning, "Whatever you are about to do, please don't. Because it's not going to help." (Cruz p 10)

Next we meet up with Allegra Van Allen years before she is in a coma. She is a young teenager in 1985 and fully of life and happiness. She goes to Endicott and is on the field hockey team. While at the hospital recovering from a nasty hit to the head (one that would've injured any Red Blood) she becomes friendly with Bendix Chase the hottie of the school. Once Allegra and Bendix (who shared the same room in the hospital) are back in school they become closer than ever, much to the ire of Charles Van Allen (who remember is really Michelle). She has a dream that spooks her to the core - if she stays on the path that she in on only destruction will occur.

Finally we see Schuyler. She is looking for the prefect bonding dress, in Florence. It hasn't been easy because the Venerators are always hot on their heels. After trying on dress after dress she almost gives up hope, but a small little fabric store saves her from loosing completely. She finds her dream fabric, a silk blue hue, and goes home and begins to fix her dress. Suddenly she is under attack from a Venerator. He tells her that she must place a cursed ring on Jack or lose her best friend Oliver. She must chose between Jack's love or the love she has for Oliver.

Bloody Valentine is a companion novella to her Blue Blood series and I LOVE IT! Of course, I love all of her Blue Blood book. I do not know how I will be able to wait till October to read her sixth Blue Bloods book, Lost In Time.

My favorite section in this book dealt with Allegra. I really enjoyed getting some of Allegra's history: who she was before she became the living dead. It was really fun to see how more human she was, and less angelic/Queen and saviour. She really struggled with teenage wants/needs vs what she knew she had to do. I know I've been there. I also enjoyed how Melissa introduced a new character (which will be in a completely different series!) in such a way that leaves the reader begging for more.

Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz. New York (c) 2010
*This book was given to me by Hyperion.

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