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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Battle for the Crown

What would you do if you found out you were pregnant and your uncle (being the King of Light and Illusion) raped you? And on top of that claims that the children you carry are his? Tough situation.

The book begins with Merry in the hospital - hours after getting out of the Faerie Mound. Since she is the first with child her cousin Cel should no longer be in line for the throne. But both courts will see to Merry's death - and now her guards, and her have to fight not only for her life but the life of her unborn. This is no simple task because they have been cast out from both the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

While Merry is in the hospital she gets a special visitor on near and dear to her heart - her brownie grandmother. Her grandmother is bewitched and attacks Merry, causing the guards to kill her grandmother and Marry to fight back at both courts.

Book 7 of the Meridith Gentry series, the battle rages on. Merry is so close to claiming the crown and protecting her guards.

Books in the series are :

1. Kiss of Shadows
2. Caress of Twilight
3. Seduced by Moonlight
4. Stroke of Midnight
5. Mistral's Kiss
6. Lick of Frost
7. Swallowing Darkness
8. Divine Misdemeanors

Wicked good

So I'm dusting off this poor lovely blog. I've read a handful of books, but did not post them. The first book I read was Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr.

Categorized in the YA section, its not a bad book. It deals with faeries and demons, love, and lose. I'm sure that young teens can feel what the main character feels for the depth of love is not that deep.

Aislinn has always seen the faeries - but told by her grandmother never to look directly at them and never to speak to them. Growing up she has never broken her grandmother's rules - ever, until one night. Keenan the Summer King approaches her - something the faeries never did and asks her on a date. That is the catalyst that will change her world forever. She now has to fight for her life, and the life of her human friend Seth, who's late announced love put a 'love triangle' twist to this book.

I became a little frustrated being inside Aislinn's thoughts when Seth was mentioned. The way she became so sap it frustrated me. It was like Stephanie Meyer and Twilight - in the sense it was almost sufficational love. At the mere thought of Seth she gets all gooey eyed and timid. psh. I did like the fast pace of the book - and how the Winter Girl stood up to the reached Winter Queen.

This is the first in its series.

The Series:

1) Wicked Lovely
2) Ink Exchange
3)Fragile Eternity

I'm trying to get my blogs short and sweet so bare with me as I try different writting styles :P

Wicked Lovely by Mellisa Marr (c) 2007