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The Love of my Life <3

The Love of my Life <3

Friday, July 25, 2008

Something Great!

This book was picked up by me on a whim. I thought it would be a boring book, like the Shopaholic books. But it put me to shame..yes I did judge a book by its cover and for that I am sorry!

This book was funny, witty, sad, and downright a page turner!

Rachel has a best friend named Darcy. They have been together since the third grade and have grown up connected at the hip! Darcy was always the one with all the luck growing up....flawless looks, always a trend setter, and always got the guys. While Rach was more of a wall flower comparatively. While in law school Rach meets Dex, but thinks that he will never EVER like her so introduced him to Darcy. 7 yrs later is where the story picks up!

On Rach 30's birthday night her and Dex had sex. And did I mention that Dex is Darcy's fiance? Oh yes...this is a very good book! So as to not give the ending away I will tell you this.......Dex has loved Rach ever since they meet and She too as love Dex. But what about Darcy? Rach has been her best friend for YEARS! and Dex and Darcy have been an item for 7 years. So what do Dex and Rach do now that they know they can't live without eachother?

Books also in this series...

1) Something Borrowed
2) Something Blue
3) Baby Proof
4) Love the One Your With

Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. St Martin's Griffin. NY. (c) 2004

A dark night....

I haven't read the first book since it came out which was "Twilight". So I must admit remembering the plot for the first book was at first very hard. I remember Eward *how can you not?!* but I did not remember Bella, or the others until i read on. For this book to be entitled "NEW MOON" makes you think 'Why'? Much of the first 300 pages are all in the dark, with a melancholy feeling that takes hold of you. As it should since the character has just been heart broken. In my opinion the book doesn't begin to get thrilling until page 413. Mind you the book is 563 pages long. But I guess she need 412 pages to set up the climax. Who knows. I can't wait to buy the third book in this series, Eclipse. However when Twilight comes out in the movies I will not be one to see it. I hate absolutely HATE when books are made into movies, they ruin them completely. Best example, Harry Potter.

Books in her series...

1) Twilight
2) New Moon
3) Eclipse

coming out Aug. 2, 2008

4) Breaking Dawn

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Little Brown and Company, NY (c) 2006

Insiders guide to a NY Nanny!

This book was good, not Very of REALLY, but good.

The ending of the book was a tear jerker. I can't believe it ended like that, and if this book is based on real life...OMG! There were a few comical scenes in the book but sometimes I found the main character Nan, almost "yawnish". Nan is subjected to a tyrant rich house mother and made to take care of not only the child now in her watch, but complete tasks for the mother.

Of course these tasks do not make sense, since the mother will not explain further beyond "buy me those pretty roses in that store that I liked and its for everyone to night at the party".

poor nanny!

I guess the only good thing I found in this book was the love b/w her and H.H. {Harvard Hottie} and the love she had for the child she was taking care of. Grover, only being 4 (if I recall correctly) had to endure never seeing his workaholic father, and his cold mother and the slew of nannies that walked in his front door. Even though Gs parents were horrible to him he still loved them.

The sad thing is, Nan has to witness the adultery of Mr. X and can't even tell Mrs. X while protecting Grover from the crumbling marriage. So as far as drama books go it wasn't that bad.

The Nanny Diaries. Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.
St Martin's Griffin, NY (c) 2002

Dusting of my computer??

Hello my followers.... right, I mean Mr T ;)

So I have not written in 308409 days and for that I am sorry. On the good side I have actually gotten some serious reading done! And as dorky as this is to publish (and publicly no doubt) I would create a draft of what I would post about that book! The books I have read are....

1) Nanny Diaries
2) New Moon
3) Something Borrowed

And will now go on to post about them.........